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How Hologram Lable Sticker Helps?


Holograms sticker are the best Product Security & Authentication Seal available. Virtually impossible to copy by any known printing technique, there is absolutely no case of a well designed and authentic hologram being copied accurately. Producing an original hologram is a highly technical, time consuming and expensive affair. It is virtually impossible to copy by any known printing technique. Traditional tools that counterfeiters use such as Cameras, Scanners, Color Photocopiers, Analogue and Digital printing do not work on hologram. The equipment and skill necessary for origination and mass production of holograms is a fairly difficult affair. Counterfeiters inherently select the path of least resistance and move to target brands & products that are easier to copy. 

Holograms sticker also provide an extra dimension to the name/symbol/logo. Pressure-sensitive self-adhesive hologram labels are easy to use. Being tamper evident, any attempt to tamper a hologram can be easily recognized. 

Today they are accepted worldwide as the most successful technology to combat counterfeiting and duplication. They provide product Authentication and are easily recognized by the naked eye under all lighting conditions. They look distinctive from printed labels or hot-stamped foil sticker clones. They serve as a high security tracking system. Sequential numbering on the top of the Hologram can serve a variety of purposes, such as product tracking and inventory control.

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