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How does the traceability system realize traceability?

by:LG Printing     2021-03-10
As the crackdown on counterfeit and inferior products in the market becomes more and more severe, people's demands for product traceability are getting higher and higher. The traceability system is based on the technical principle of one item, one code. Consumers can understand the past and present of the product by scanning the anti-counterfeiting code on the product. We know that scanning codes can be traced, so do you know how the traceability system realizes its functions? We can take a look together.

  一. The steps of the traceability system:

  1. Load information: assign a unique QR code identity information to each product in the background.

  2. Collecting information: Use a specially developed information management system to scan and collect product information in various links such as product storage and delivery. It can collect a single product, or by box, stack, vehicle, etc. The unit collects in batches, and uploads the collected data to the background. But whether it is a single piece or batch collection according to units such as boxes, stacks, vehicles, etc., all are based on the premise of one item and one yard. The code and the code do not repeat.

  3. Information entry: enter the basic information of the product into the two-dimensional code quality traceability management system.

  4. Scanning code traceability: Consumers can scan through their mobile phones to see the entire process of product production, as well as product raw materials and other information.

  5. Anti-counterfeiting traceability effect: Companies can log in to the system platform backstage to query various data, check and audit anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling reports. Not only can they find out in time, they can also effectively manage dealers to combat counterfeiting, The purpose of regulating the market and increasing efficiency.

  二. Advantages of traceability system application:

  1. Cost control: Enterprises can control every node in the production process, and can accurately manage the use of raw materials;

  2. Risk control: When a product has a problem in the market, the company can accurately recall the number of substandard products to effectively control the risk;

  3. Satisfy supervision: meet the national regulatory requirements and meet the national mandatory requirements for enterprise product traceability;

  4. Data collection: Accurate data collection can collect traceable first-end-to-end consumer information, and provide a basis for enterprises to make decisions;

   5. Accurate marketing: use product traceability as a medium to expand the corporate membership system, realize marketing and promotion, and save marketing costs;

  6. Refined management: Through open interfaces, it supports seamless connection between source code traceability and enterprise business, and promotes refined management of the enterprise.

   QR code anti-counterfeiting traceability system is to establish a product traceability two-dimensional code for each product. Through the two-dimensional code and the Internet, the product is from raw materials to production, to storage, to circulation, to the sales system , Will eventually obtain the information traceability and service system of the entire industry chain such as the user terminal and after-sales service, and the product information system of one thing one code, one thing one user. It can not only prevent cross-linking of goods, but also product anti-counterfeiting, product promotion and product marketing, and establish direct contact between enterprises and users through QR codes. The traceability system is to trace the origin of the product to explore the root and source of the product; the traceability system is a risk control tool introduced to ensure the reliability of product quality. This traceability system covers the upstream and downstream of the entire food industry chain such as food production bases, food processing companies, and food terminal sales. It shares information through special hardware equipment similar to bank teller systems to serve consumers.

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