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How does the SMS anti-counterfeiting label realize anti-counterfeiting?

by:LG Printing     2021-04-05
There are many anti-counterfeiting methods. Every company and enterprise will look for their own anti-counterfeiting technology, so do you know what SMS anti-counterfeiting is? Commodity SMS anti-counterfeiting means that after purchasing a commodity, consumers scratch off the coating on the packaging box and send a set of numbers on the coating to the commodity anti-counterfeiting platform by means of text messages to identify the authenticity of the commodity. Let us take a closer look!

   One, what is SMS anti-counterfeiting technology?

  1. The SMS security system is based on customers in order to avoid counterfeit goods sources, marketing integration, is a typical low-funded and high-efficiency technical service platform, market research, wide, marketing, customer service stages are low cost, high efficiency, Management methods, such as difficult problems, and proposed a variety of new upgraded product marketing and customer service models, customer data content provides the company with Hao information content, market segmentation, to ensure that mobile phones always control the Chinese wine market The actual effect of the brewery has allowed the brewery to understand the sales situation in the provincial market.

  2. The service platform can automatically and accurately screen the terminal equipment customers of the commodity company, and can record the contact information, method, location, purchase history and total purchase amount of each customer. According to calculations, a company that supplies and sells 30 million products per year, if the marketing scope is sufficient, can automatically create a database of 10 million customers within 4 months, and level queries. This kind of application scenario mobile communication network is spread all over the country. It has a perfect short message and anti-counterfeiting system, which is characterized by the company's (brewery, customer) application convenience, high efficiency, intelligent system, and high degree of automation.

   The second is the characteristics of SMS anti-counterfeiting technology

  1. One thing, one code: system software is assigned to each; wine, anti-counterfeiting logo and packaging; wine logo is the same, everyone has the same ID number; the year book can be copied, but the system is anti-counterfeit The identifier is invalid.

  2, easy to operate: customers do not need all professions, industrial machinery and equipment and professional and industry expertise, if they buy on the spot; annual anti-counterfeiting identification short, letter method, wait a few seconds, you can understand the fine reference answer , The actual operation is very simple.

  3. Economic development application: system software is stable and reliable, cost-effective, large capital investment, long-term operation and application, and maintain zero-cost anti-counterfeiting

  4. Versatility and popularity: The system software is suitable for various fields and various commodities. If it is a tangible commodity, it can be marked and anti-counterfeit identification. The mobile users have reached 315 million, so the application of the system software can be widely used. Popular

  5. Main website services and cheap: If there is a mobile phone signal area, it can be kept short, and the letter anti-counterfeiting effect is good. It can keep short and cheap letters all over the country and even around the world, so that customers can use it conveniently

  6. Communication mode coordination ability: system software selects mobile phone message mode

  7. Function scalability: This system software has established a corporate database and maintains the dual functions of short messages and letters, so it can have a huge expansion in function, such as wide and wide advertising, and prize campaigns. Qu0026A marketing campaign!

   In summary, it is a detailed introduction to the technology and characteristics of SMS anti-counterfeiting. The SMS anti-counterfeiting system is an anti-counterfeiting label manufactured according to the encryption technology of an electronic computer. If you need a customized anti-counterfeiting label or traceability system, welcome to consult Shangyuan Anti-counterfeiting: 400-998-0111. We are a production technology-based enterprise engaged in the production and design of anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting products. We specialize in the research and development of anti-counterfeiting label technology and the production of anti-counterfeiting packaging. At the same time, we provide large and medium-sized enterprises with logistics information management and monitoring solutions and product anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting solutions , A technological enterprise integrating creative design and anti-counterfeiting special printing.
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