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How does the QR code traceability system perform quality traceability?

by:LG Printing     2021-03-25
The two-dimensional code traceability system is an anti-counterfeiting, anti-channeling and product quality tracing system that integrates multiple functions such as product anti-counterfeiting, anti-smuggling, output control, sales statistics, and smart marketing. Two-dimensional code traces the source, traces the source, explores the source of things. Traceability is the current development trend. Current products, especially agricultural products, require a traceability system, because only when the source of the food is clear, consumers can buy with confidence, willing to buy, and recall the problematic food. So why do companies need to trace the source of the QR code.

  一. Realize the traceability of the two-dimensional code traceability system

  1. The two-dimensional code traceability system is a digital management based on two-dimensional code technology and information, network technology, etc., by assigning codes to a single product, and realizing digital management of the product, helping enterprises to grasp the product flow in real time. Department, we have also become a two-dimensional code traceability system.

  2. The two-dimensional code traceability system can realize the association and interaction of product information from manufacturers, distributors and consumers. The system can perform real-time verification of products through mobile terminals. Inspectors in the corporate market can trace the detailed production information, warehousing information, logistics information, consumer information, etc. of the products through the handheld terminal device and scan the QR code. The production batch number can also be traced back to the sales quantity of the product in the sales area, so as to improve the management level of the enterprise. Collect and analyze data according to consumers' inquiries to help companies conduct smart marketing and increase product sales.

  3. Consumers can know the production place, production batch and basic information of the product by scanning the QR code on the product, thus playing a traceability role.

  4. When the merchant uses the QR code, first enter the product data information into the system, such as the basic information such as the origin of the product, the production batch, the production date, and the sales area to be sent to. These can be entered , After the background is entered, the QR code can be scanned into the system through the scanner, so that the product can be shipped. Consumers can read the QR code on the mobile phone to read that some businesses are willing to spend The information that the person sees.

  二. Features of the traceability system:

   Two-dimensional code traceability system can realize 100% two-way traceability of all batches of products from raw materials to finished products, from finished products to raw materials. The great feature of this system is the reliability of data. Every manual input link is backed up by the software in real time.

   After the establishment of the two-dimensional code traceability system, once a related accident occurs, supervisors can use the system to judge whether the company has negligent behavior. The company can also use the system to find out which link, which step has the problem, and the person responsible. Who is it? Avoiding the difficulties in handling accidents due to incomplete information and unknown responsibilities, so that the problem can be solved more quickly.

   Since the emergence of smart phones, it has also led to the development and change of many industries. Mobile phones have become an important hub connecting users and product information. Smartphones are also disruptive to the evolution of anti-counterfeiting traceability. Now almost all anti-counterfeiting traceability can be easily checked through smart phones, which eliminates complicated and tedious steps and facilitates consumers. In particular, the development of QR code technology has made it possible to trace the source of the QR code. Consumers can easily scan the relevant information with a mobile phone.

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