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How does the anti-trafficking system realize anti-trafficking?

by:LG Printing     2021-03-05
Many merchants are worried about the problem of cross-selling goods among distributors, and some merchants can solve it very well. The application of the commodity anti-smuggling system can help merchants solve the troubles and harms of the smuggling of goods. I believe that every micro-business is very clear. The channel price system is not only chaotic and difficult to manage, but also directly affects the profit of the company. The brand image of the micro-business It will also be greatly reduced. Therefore, companies need to have a reliable anti-cashing system. So how does the anti-sweeping system implement anti-sweeping cargo?

  一. Steps to realize anti-smuggling:

   1. According to the changes in the market environment, new requirements are put forward on the channel management methods of enterprises, data information is loaded, each product is coded in the background, and each product is given its own identity.

  2. The agent anti-smuggling system is a product flow traceability management system based on product digital identity technology, including enterprise dealer management, product information management, product warehousing management, product logistics management, channeling information collection, market audit management , Data analysis, anti-counterfeiting query verification and other functions.

  3. Through the agent anti-smuggling system, as long as each product is pasted with a logo-only barcode, encrypted QR code, etc., the QR code can record the product variety information, production information, serial number, etc. in detail. Sales information, etc. The entry of product information will uniformly enter the collected product data information into the anti-smuggling management system.

  4. In particular, the two-dimensional barcode can record more detailed product sales area, sales person in charge, key accessory serial number and other data and information, thereby adding a unique, complete and confidential identity and attribute to the product Identifier.

  5. The quality traceability of the whole process is carried out by scanning the code. Consumers can use their mobile phones to scan the QR code on the product to trace the production process of the product's entire life cycle and understand the past and present of the product. The effect of quality traceability. Enterprises can log on to the system platform to query various data, view and audit anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling reports. Not only can they detect stray items in time, but also effectively manage dealers to achieve the purpose of combating counterfeiting, regulating the market, and increasing benefits.

  二. The role of the anti-fleeing system in commodities:

  The application of the commodity anti-counterfeiting system can help merchants identify each commodity by scanning, so that the merchant can monitor the commodity at any time during the circulation process, so that the circulation information of the product can be identified, and the product's takeover can be inquired Who is the distributor and their marketing of the product? If the distributor does not enter product information in accordance with the system, then this batch of goods is counterfeit and inferior, and it is a stray product, and the system will issue an early warning of the stray product, and the merchant can timely In which part of the discovery of the counterfeit goods occurred, the anti-counterfeiting function of that batch of goods was stopped. Monitor the commodity circulation channels, transaction prices, whether to take the goods by leapfrogging, and arbitrary prices.

   Since distributors and enterprises are looking for their own interests, but the interests of the two are inconsistent, the distributors conduct cross-regional sales in order to expand the scope of marketing and achieve greater benefits. Fleeing goods is a commercial activity, and its purpose is to make a profit. The conscious sales of dealers across the sales area covered by them are fleeing goods. The vicious marketing phenomenon that causes the products sold in cross-regional sales, causes market disorder, price confusion, and seriously affects the reputation of manufacturers.

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