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How does the anti-counterfeiting label disappear?

by:LG Printing     2021-04-08
The anti-counterfeiting printing of anti-counterfeiting is a simple and relatively easy-to-operate anti-counterfeiting mark of nano-level raw materials in anti-counterfeiting mark inspection. It only needs a drop of water to smear the LOGO during identification.

  一. The principle of anti-counterfeiting mark when dripping disappears

   The dripping anti-counterfeiting mark is a relatively high level of anti-counterfeiting label technology. The dripping anti-counterfeiting mark is completed by adding very high printing ink and very good plate making process, and hides the text or pattern at the same time, so it cannot be seen by the naked eye. You can only use water droplets to interact with the ink to achieve the effect of the droplet disappearing.

  二. How to use the anti-counterfeiting mark when dripping disappears

   Use water, wine and other liquids to alter the pattern of the anti-counterfeiting mark of the dripping and disappearing technical level. Because the holes are filled with liquid, the optical structure of the surface changes and the pattern becomes shallow. The colorful pattern on the reverse side becomes more and more obvious. If the liquid transpires, the pattern returns to normal, and the pattern fades to the basic and obvious process of recovery, which takes about 30 seconds to 60 seconds, and gradually returns to normal.

  三. Production status of anti-counterfeiting label technology for dripping disappearing

  Technical level of drip-reducing technology Generally speaking, China Ion Network Accelerator cannot be used to produce drip-reducing technology level anti-counterfeiting marks. Only China Ion Network Accelerator with unique structural characteristics and contemporary nano-processed raw materials can be used for production. Manufacture of anti-counterfeiting signs with drip-reducing technology. High-quality and high-quality professional and technical personnel are required for the production of drip-reducing technology.

   Four. Recognition of the technical level of anti-counterfeiting marks for the disappearance of dripping water

  1. Suitable for expert identification method

  Using the micro-holes generated by the ion and nano in the pattern for anti-counterfeiting identification, observe the drip-reducing technology level anti-counterfeiting mark made of nano-materials with a thickness of more than ten meters under the academic microscope, and the drip-reducing technology level can be observed The anti-counterfeiting mark pattern part is composed of a large number of micron-sized pores.

  2. One of the methods suitable for consumer identification

  Using the permeability of micro-channels for anti-counterfeiting identification. Use water, wine and other liquids to apply the drip-reducing technology-level anti-counterfeiting mark pattern. As the holes are filled with liquid, the optical structure of the surface changes, and the pattern becomes shallower and fades away. When a colorful pattern is printed on the back of the pattern, the colorful pattern on the back of the pattern It becomes more obvious, and if the liquid evaporates, the pattern returns to normal.

   Five. Features

   1. Easy to identify. Apply a colorless water-based liquid on the moisture-sensitive anti-counterfeiting label, and the whole page will immediately show a variety of information, and at the same time, the luminous information can be seen under the purple light and infrared light.

  2, no one imitates.

  3. Invisible multiple anti-counterfeiting marks. This level of technology not only has anti-counterfeiting measures for humidity and luminosity, but also can add multiple comprehensive anti-counterfeiting marks such as language code, electronic code, anti-repost, holographic anti-counterfeiting mark. The identification and identification of moisture-sensitive anti-counterfeiting labels is very simple, fast and reliable. You only need to smear the surface of the LOGO with a white liquid (clean water, alcohol, etc.), and you can instantly check the graphic information hidden in the label. This type of anti-counterfeiting label can also integrate the advantages of anti-counterfeiting label paper, anti-counterfeiting ink, laser laser, password anti-counterfeiting label, etc., to produce a comprehensive anti-counterfeiting label with basic functions of multiple anti-counterfeiting labels, called moisture-sensitive integrated anti-counterfeiting label, which enhances anti-counterfeiting The strength of the anti-counterfeiting mark of the logo.

  The dripping disappears. It is mainly because of the advantages of easy to understand and difficult to forge as a new technology and new process of anti-counterfeiting identification.
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