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How does positioning hot anti-counterfeiting label perform anti-counterfeiting?

by:LG Printing     2021-03-17
Although positioning hot stamping has the basic conditions for effective anti-counterfeiting, anti-counterfeiting is a special industry. This makes users have to face the embarrassing situation that location hot stamping may still be imitated and counterfeited. How to give full play to the advantages of hot stamping and anti-counterfeiting positioning to realize effective anti-counterfeiting of inkless printed products is a common issue faced by cigarette factories, packaging companies and anti-counterfeiting material suppliers. How to give full play to the effectiveness of gold-plated anti-counterfeiting labels?

  一. Conditions and requirements for positioning hot stamping anti-counterfeit label printing:

  1. Additional anti-counterfeiting technology: improve the degree of anti-counterfeiting through micro-characters and partial aluminum removal. The microscopic morphology of Impression Laser technology can reach 0.075 mm, which can only be seen with a high-power magnifying glass. In addition, its unique hidden effect needs to be read by a special instrument as a means of internal control and communication.

  2. Main control technology: The visual feature of anti-counterfeiting comes from the main control. The advancement and exclusivity of the main technology directly affects the degree of anti-counterfeiting. As we all know, the higher the popularity of the mastery technology, the lower the anti-counterfeiting level. At present, 2D/3D and; digital dot matrix are the two main power generation technologies commonly used at home and abroad. In the past, the market generally believed that optical anti-counterfeiting technologies were holographic technologies. Positioning and hot anti-counterfeiting technologies were also widely used in banknotes, passports, and ID cards with high levels of anti-counterfeiting, but most of them were not holographic technologies.

  3. Electrolytic aluminum requirements: The quality requirements of electrolytic aluminum are mainly divided into refinement and improvement. Many powerful domestic packaging companies have purchased high-speed hot stamping equipment from our company, and the hot stamping speed is also increasing. In order to meet the needs of mass production, we often use each hot stamping method, that is, a hot stamping method. Therefore, high requirements are put forward on the precision and stamping performance of aluminum foil.

  Second development and technicality of anti-counterfeiting labels:

   1. The equipment has high precision and strict quality control in each process. Therefore, a set of advanced equipment has been introduced from abroad, and strict quality control and inspection have been carried out on each process.

  2. After a large number of forming tests, detailed test data was obtained, and based on the analysis and comparison of various data, the ideal wide calendering method was determined, and the positioning accuracy of the hot stamping tape and the stable production volume were realized .

  3. Test the shrinkage rate of special materials under various working conditions. The working conditions here include the pressure, temperature, winding tension, speed and other process conditions of the production equipment to determine the process parameters. Then, under the premise of ensuring the process parameters, a large number of production tests are carried out on the special materials to determine the stable shrinkage rate of the special materials.

  4. Through the production test and follow-up test of various forming tapes, a raw material film tape with stable deformation coefficient, good forming quality and good hot stamping effect is selected as the special material for the production of positioning hot roll labels.

   Positioning anti-counterfeiting label is also called stamping label. Positioning hot stamping is a form of combining anti-counterfeiting labels and pasted products. A very common form of labeling compound is self-adhesive. Self-adhesive security labels are a layer of adhesive on the bottom of the label. Open the bottom paper and paste the label directly on the object to be pasted. The difference between positioning hot and self-adhesive lies in the adhesive layer on the back of the label. The positioning hot anti-counterfeiting label needs to be heated to transfer the anti-counterfeiting information layer on the label to the pasted object without peeling or copying, so as to achieve the anti-counterfeiting effect.

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