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How does one product and one code serve enterprises and consumers?

by:LG Printing     2021-04-28
Nowadays, consumers can grasp the correct delivery information and specific delivery time at any time through their mobile phones. The entire tracking of the logistics process reflects how today's technology, especially smart technology, makes business activities, such as market promotions, more closely related to consumers. Connecting enterprises and consumers through an item anti-counterfeiting label quickly shortens the distance between enterprises and consumers. How is it achieved? Let's take a look at how one thing, one code serves enterprises and consumers?

  The fast and convenient consumption mode of the network has further penetrated into the hearts of the people. More and more consumers are using smartphones and tablets as an important tool for their consumption behavior. As a brand, it is not a sales channel for every smart machine. Communicate one by one, opening up opportunities for consumers to have one-on-one direct conversations to strengthen the business.

   This correlation between brand and consumers, product marketing code allocation, stimulate consumer response, and scan the code page, according to consumer purchases, interactive participation in competitions, guidance or other creative links. During this period, consumers can also share simple email addresses and other personal information, and agree to receive more product information via email. This brings brands and consumers closer together, and also brings more effective communication channels for brand marketing.

   These techniques are not new. The new part is that brands can easily get in touch with consumers. Brand consumers visit the website, or enter redundant or complex text codes; short selling is necessary, but now only scans with smartphones, step by step close to completion, and check whether the award is awarded.

   If the code is sufficiently ingenious, consumers will scan the chocolate based on this consensual scan, how the consumer scans the chocolate, as well as the origin and sales location of this chocolate, let the sales staff over the same period, the brand is the market research data provided. Even if customers are bored with a lot of online marketing, the scan code method can give customers a certain degree of autonomy, without passively accepting information. This is also the reason why marketing departments and advertising companies tend to conduct interactive marketing activities based on one item and one code.

   Introducing the code of an item into a more unique and creative design puts more stringent requirements on the company’s coding equipment. Therefore, the challenge cannot be underestimated. When corporate promotional codes are swept in, consumers can directly read the direct codes in mobile phones and other electronic devices. The packaging must achieve 100% resolution and the speed of the production line. During this period, product tracking was carried out. The code and use do not hinder the strong wind of the day is necessary.

  Promo codes with the theme of winners and prizes sometimes require system support. For customers and sex, companies also need to generate thousands and millions of different codes in a short period of time.

   These factors are all factors that enterprises need to consider comprehensively when choosing sprinkler equipment. To make the right choice, you need to consider the industry, the type of promotion, and the production process. A good way is to contact a professional coding supplier.

   The above content is to take everyone to understand how one-to-one anti-counterfeiting connects enterprises and consumers. Although today's one-item one-code anti-counterfeiting labels have more and more functions, other anti-counterfeiting labels also have different effects. We also need to consider the needs of our own products when we are now anti-counterfeiting labels. Customized anti-counterfeiting labels, to learn more about anti-counterfeiting, welcome to call: 400-998-0111. Shangyuan Anti-counterfeiting provides you with one-stop service!


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