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How do we see the convenience brought to life by the rice traceability system

by:LG Printing     2021-04-11
Affected by traditional production and management concepts, most production companies and operators produce more products, fewer brands, and lack of awareness of the importance and necessity of brands. They have not yet realized the impact of the rice brand on the added value and market value of agricultural products. They do not take the initiative to create a brand, and their protection awareness is weak. ; The phenomenon of false and genuine, and shoddy is often happening, which has a negative impact on the reputation of the product.

   1. The brand image of rice is not prominent

  1. Facing the overall image of consumers, the rice brand includes many details such as the overall brand positioning, external logo name, packaging design, etc. In terms of brand positioning, some brands are positioned too high and exceed the functional scope of the product itself. And the economic capacity of consumers.

   2. Some brand positioning is too broad, causing consumers to doubt that in terms of brand names, they have obvious homogeneity, similarity and non-personality. In more cases, it appears in the form of origin + product, with lack of brand recognition. In terms of agricultural product packaging, many agricultural products are poorly packaged and there is no anti-counterfeiting mark, which gives unscrupulous traders an opportunity to cause; The readers cannot distinguish the authenticity from the fake, which seriously damages the brand image.

   2. The level of the rice brand is not high and the technical content is insufficient

   1. Rice brand products are mostly primary processed products with low technological content. The planting and production of agricultural products are greatly affected by the natural environment, and the links of preservation, storage, transportation, and processing are relatively lagging behind, and they basically stay in the rough processing stage.

  2. Product deep processing and deep development are insufficient, and the added value of the brand is small, which cannot reflect the advantages of agricultural brands, and it is difficult to form market competitiveness. Under the circumstance of fluctuations in market demand, it is easy to cause product backlog and rot, which directly damages the growers. income. Moreover, because the processing method has a low threshold and is easy to be imitated by competitors, it is difficult to form a significant market competitive advantage different from competitors.

  3. Irregular rice production

   Non-standardized production determines the instability of the quality of agricultural products. At present, with the exception of some companies, cooperatives, and advanced townships that adopt order-based farming and strictly provide standard agricultural products that meet the requirements of the order, the production methods of most producers are not up to standard, and the instability of the quality of agricultural products will greatly affect Consumers’ reputation evaluation shakes the foundation of agricultural product brands.

   Fourth, the rice brand management concept is backward

   1. Brand management is different from product management. Consumers' perception of products mainly comes from their perception of product quality, while consumers' perception of brands comes more from their perception of brand culture. Brand culture is a value, concept and personality formed with the development of a brand. It requires long-term accumulation and unremitting efforts of agricultural production enterprises to gradually penetrate the cultural connotations or specific concepts contained in agricultural products and their brands into consumers' hearts.

  2. Many agricultural product operators only focus on short-term benefits and ignore long-term development. Some agricultural product manufacturers often overlook product quality, product upgrades, lack of new content, and lack of long-term brand maintenance and cultivation when they have good performance and good development momentum.

   Due to various subjective and objective factors, many rice brands are only registered and lack effective follow-up promotion. In many places, this strategy will not be implemented, and the plan will be pending. After a short busy period, some of them It's quiet, some people are chaotic, and in some places, the leadership team changes, the work is stagnant, the past performance is not satisfactory, and there is a lack of sustainability.

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