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How are holographic anti-counterfeit labels printed?

by:LG Printing     2021-08-21

The production and processing of customized laser anti-counterfeiting labels is also called holographic anti-counterfeiting labels. It is an anti-counterfeiting label that uses laser color hologram plate making technology and molded copy technology. The plate making technologies that can be realized are: dot matrix dynamic light, one-time special laser film, 3D optical miniature background, colorful optical random interference, Chinese and English uranium abbreviated text, etc.; its characteristics are: the label pressed from the same template is the same, but the template is affected by various parameters and environmental conditions during the photolithography process, which is not quite It is possible to make two identical templates, which is also one of the most important anti-counterfeiting features of laser marking.

The die-cutting of anti-counterfeiting self-adhesive trademark printing is a half-cut process, That is, only cut through the surface material and retain the bottom paper. Divided into two processing methods: such as flat die cutting, suitable for all kinds of label printing machines, manual plate making, low cost, short plate making cycle, but low viscosity, suitable for short-run printing processing. At present, almost all domestic label factories adopt flat die-cutting methods. The other is circular die-cutting, which is applied to circular press-round label equipment. It has fast speed and high die-cutting viscosity, which is suitable for long printing. The disadvantage is that the plate-making cost is large and the cycle is long. Anti-counterfeiting self-adhesive label printing-anti-counterfeiting label screen printing anti-counterfeiting mainly refers to anti-counterfeiting for the coated part and part.

It is recommended that the coating part of the silk screen anti-counterfeit The cost of the film is high and it is not easy to cut and polish. Varnish is the best way; anti-counterfeit label printing When making self-adhesive labels, try not to apply varnish as a whole, only partially. Anti-counterfeiting self-adhesive trademark printing. The thickness of the screen mesh affects the thickness of the coating, and the thickness of the thinner affects the appearance of the coating. Anti-counterfeiting self-adhesive label printing screen printing anti-counterfeiting technology uses water-based screens for dripping anti-counterfeiting, and others generally use oily. The screen printing anti-counterfeiting screen meshes are generally 250-350 meshes. In theory, the larger the screen printing screen meshes, the stronger the effect and the thicker the coating. Anti-counterfeiting self-adhesive trademark printing silk screen anti-counterfeiting found in actual use, the thicker the ink, the more detailed the pattern of the screen printing, if the dilution is not enough, it may also crust.

Silk screen anti-counterfeiting is related to typesetting and design. The larger the typesetting space, the larger the screen printing The better the position is adjusted; the anti-counterfeit self-adhesive trademark printing screen printing is also related to the weather, too humid or too high temperature will affect the effect of the screen printing. Generally, slow drying water or extra slow 783 is required when the temperature is high, and the drying water should be speeded up when the temperature is low. The printing of anti-counterfeit self-adhesive trademarks should pay attention to the customer’s individual label requirements and coding. It does not matter if the coating is thinner; if the coating is not printed, the coating should be thicker; in addition, When coding, the font should be as clear as possible but the strokes should be as fine as possible. The glue of anti-counterfeiting self-adhesive trademarks is water glue and hot melt glue. Because the hot melt glue equipment has the advantages of small size and low price, and the hot melt glue is environmentally friendly, intensive, repeated bonding, recyclable and convenient in the operation process Operation and other advantages make it more and more widely used in the label field.

The process of hot melt adhesive equipment is composed of several parts such as unwinding-coating-cooling-compounding-winding. The anti-counterfeit self-adhesive label printing silk screen is related to the order of label placement: those with serial numbers and those without serial numbers should be placed separately. Anti-counterfeiting self-adhesive label printing-screen printing should pay attention to material issues. Different materials have different inks and methods; when selecting raw materials for anti-counterfeiting self-adhesive label printing, anti-counterfeiting self-adhesive materials with high quality and qualified physical and chemical indicators will be selected , Will not be used because of the low price of failing materials. Inferior raw materials are inherently unstable in quality, and there is a greater chance that the equipment cannot be processed normally, which wastes resources and manpower, and also causes losses to customers and loses customers. Therefore, the selection of raw materials has strict standards. You can rest assured to buy and place orders.

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