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Hot stamping anti-counterfeiting label with special process

by:LG Printing     2021-03-13
With the development of science and technology, anti-counterfeiting labels are gradually being recognized by everyone. More and more people are beginning to understand and observe anti-counterfeiting labels. In addition to the common QR code anti-counterfeiting labels and laser anti-counterfeiting labels, there are also An anti-counterfeiting label with a special process, it is a bronzing anti-counterfeiting label. The process of bronzing anti-counterfeiting labels is more complicated. Therefore, counterfeiters generally will not easily counterfeit, and its appearance is also very good-looking. When we are visiting the market, we can see shiny anti-counterfeiting labels. They will all be bronzed on the brand. technology. Next, I will introduce to you the bronzing anti-counterfeiting labels.

   First of all, let’s understand the meaning of bronzing anti-counterfeiting labels: bronzing anti-counterfeiting labels are a kind of labels that are anti-counterfeit through printing process and skills. Generally, it is rarely used in label production. The current bronzing anti-counterfeiting labels are basically hot stamping. The hot stamping anti-counterfeiting label uses electric eyes to locate the position of the hot stamping picture. Compared with the general full-page hot stamping, it has higher technical difficulty and higher anti-counterfeiting efficiency. We can also combine various anti-counterfeiting skills such as temperature-change anti-counterfeiting, dripping anti-counterfeiting, QR code anti-counterfeiting, pattern security anti-counterfeiting, etc., according to customer's customized needs, to continuously improve the difficulty of anti-counterfeiting, and then better enhance the image of the corporate brand.

  Secondly, the application scale of bronzing anti-counterfeiting labels in the market is also very extensive, including the following points:

  1. In terms of drugs, drugs are closely related to human physical and mental health. Therefore, the anti-counterfeiting and protection of drugs are very strict. The use of bronzing anti-counterfeiting labels is much more reliable than not using anti-counterfeiting labels, allowing consumers Feel at ease when using it.

  2. In the book, there are many pirated books, which is a kind of disrespect to the author. Because pirated books are cheaper, the original books cannot be published, and there are two-way harm to the activity of self-editors and material. . The use of bronzing anti-counterfeiting labels can prevent this practice.

  3. Since there are so many unqualified ingredients on sale, the anti-counterfeiting of ingredients is also very important. Therefore, we cannot buy unqualified food. After all, it is something that is eaten in the stomach. Then, at this time, use bronzing to prevent counterfeiting Labels are especially important.

  4. In electronic device products, manufacturers do not wait for their products to be counterfeited, which is a certain hazard to manufacturers and customers. Manufacturers can choose bronzing anti-counterfeit labels to eradicate this practice.

  5. As far as cigarettes and alcohol are concerned, fake cigarettes and alcohol are very harmful to the body. Since there are many news reports about drinking fake alcohol, people must pay attention to buying them when buying. Products with anti-counterfeiting labels are considered guaranteed products. Manufacturers can choose the anti-counterfeiting skills of bronzing to ensure that their products are not damaged.

   Bronzing anti-counterfeiting labels can also be regarded as positioning hot anti-counterfeiting labels. Companies can designate hot stamping in a certain place, and bronzing anti-counterfeiting labels are also a common technology, which is relatively popular. Products using such anti-counterfeiting labels will be easier for consumers Accept, and will trust the company more. I would like to remind you that regardless of the value of the product, please be sure to give it an anti-counterfeiting label. Its existence can not only reassure consumers, but also enhance the brand image. The above is my introduction to the bronzing anti-counterfeiting labels, I hope it will be helpful to you.

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