We are engaged in custom hologram sticker printing, security stamping label and packing label printing nearly 20 years.

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by:LG Printing     2020-09-11

It is made through a sophisticated know-how during which two or three pictures are merged to be seen alternatively from totally different viewing angles. Due to this high quality it is widely utilized in totally different industries for security and counterfeiting prevention.

The foreground layer appears closer, while the background seems farther. Alternatively, if you need holographic marketing collateral, additionally take a look at the reasonably priced prices of our customized promotional holograms. Optionally, you possibly can embrace custom single or matching serial numbering, and even shade ink overprint on top of your customized hologram sticker for extra authentication. This is useful for organizations that want the safety of a custom hologram image but must further differentiate among sub-brands, product traces, seasons (or semesters), and so on.

Trusted by Fortune 500 firms, government entities, banks, producers, and small companies, we believe your customized hologram stickers can provide security, branding and sweetness at the same time. Custom Hologram StickersWe make many customized hologram stickers, supplying you with higher safety and enhanced brand enchantment. Hologram are made with interference pattern of lasers, and the hologram colours hold changing with a change in viewing angle or the angle of the sunshine illuminating the hologram. The visible effect that one sees is purely primarily based on reflection of light, and with none printing inks, therefore one cannot see the true brand colors in any respect viewing angles within the hologram. You can use holographic security labels to guard your merchandise and enhance their visibility and shelf-enchantment.

Our 2D/3D hologram stickers may be seen beneath most lighting circumstances and present their fullest glory under sturdy light. Compared to many dot matrix holograms, 2D/3D holograms display a sharper and extra stunning image, thus making them a well-liked alternative. Our 2D/3D holographic images give the notion of parallax visual depth by compositing two or more layers of 2D digital art work or photos.

Businesses use it for labeling their products with their trademarks or distinctive images to face unique with their brand id and keep away from forgery. That’s why it's extremely secure and distinctive beneficial method to secure brand identification and perform brand promotion.

You may also be use them to authenticate documents or other items (membership passes, autographed objects, occasion tickets; the record is countless). The Professional Sports Authenticators organization just lately added a security hologram to their authentication labels, as an example.
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