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High temperature provocation high temperature resistant adhesive labels of bind

by:LG Printing     2021-01-20

in the most special industrial environment mostly need to use high temperature resistant adhesive labels, high temperature resistant adhesive labels are not loss, deformation, discoloration, waterproof, fire prevention, prevent oil, abrasion resistance, resistance to chemical corrosion and so on a number of advantages, high resistance to 320 degrees, so often used in the circuit board, mobile phone motherboard, computer motherboards, reflow soldering etc. Will produce the high temperature environment, can have no fear of high temperature environment, still can keep the original form very well.

using high temperature resistant adhesive labels in front of the paper surface coated with high temperature resistant surface of the PI as raw material, able to keep under high temperature environment for a long time, not out of shape.

high temperature resistant adhesive label minimum can be resistant to more than 100 ℃, and the dumb silver pet the non-drying label is 70 - About 80 ℃, if need to adapt to the environment of high temperature need to use high temperature resistant adhesive labels, ordinary high temperature can choose dumb silver pet adhesive labels are tearing resistance, high temperature resistant, opaque and resistance to chemical corrosion antifouling performance, scratch-resistant, friction characteristics such as

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