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Helping micro-businesses to enter the distribution market through anti-counterfeiting labels

by:LG Printing     2021-04-03
For the development of an enterprise, the quality of sales will become the key to the success of the enterprise. In the distribution system of WeChat people, if a good product cannot be sold in an effective way, then there is no way to recover its own profits, and it is difficult to realize the change from cost to profit. Therefore, it is very important to build a marketing platform of your own. So what role can anti-counterfeiting label' target='_blank'>labels play in it?

  1. Create product differentiation and uniqueness

  Your product is sold to friends, so your product must have a unique, differentiated, valuable manifestation, and the goal is also in line with the group of your circle of friends, so the business of the circle of friends is definitely not worried. Then based on the two points of creativity and selling point, we began to choose the right product. After choosing the product, we will use the Internet thinking to package the product. What is the Internet's thinking on product packaging? For example, simple hunger marketing, mass consumption, poster design, advertising, viral marketing, preferential activities, word-of-mouth communication, etc., this area is all practical experience. There are many successful examples.

  2, customer relations guide customers to the site to facilitate purchase

   For newly opened businesses, you may wish to buy some small gifts, or do some promotional activities to stimulate consumers and improve performance. Just like the peculiarities of some products, there are often situations such as inability to provide products that they can perceive, resulting in consumers not being able to make a purchase decision immediately. Therefore, they can use procurement processes such as appointments to assist sales. Through the form of appointment, customers are guided offline and face-to-face communication, which greatly improves purchase opportunities and facilitates transactions.

  3. Build brand and increase word-of-mouth purchase rate

   If a good product is sold out, it may be gone. The product itself has a product life cycle. Others have bought your things, most of them are recommended to friends. They may not buy it again. of course there are exceptions. If they are consumer goods, they can buy it again. But only good models can be copied, and only products or services can be changed. In addition to good models, we strive to build our own brand on this basis. With a good brand, others will believe you and will be more willing to buy things here, and even share and introduce friends to buy.

  4. Member marketing to retain customers

  Affiliate marketing includes active marketing and buyer stickiness training. Different types of members require different ways. The core is to integrate a variety of marketing methods, oriented by user needs and user value, and improve user satisfaction and value. Among them, the promotion period and expiration period are closely related to the repeat purchase rate.

  Customer promotion period: For customers at this stage, the issue that needs to be considered is how to train newly acquired customers into high-value customers, so that they can generate more transactions. Active marketing is a commonly used method in this period, with the purpose of stimulating user demand and urging them to transition to the mature period.

  Customer maturity: The cultivation of customer loyalty is an issue that needs to be considered for customer maturity. Usually, this group repeats purchases many times, bringing great value to the store. For this group, we need to consider how to retain these customers through differentiated services and shopping privileges, and maintain the consumption habits in the store. Its core concept is to tell customers that every time they shop, they will accumulate value in the store, so as to obtain better services and more favorable prices.

   With the continuous development of e-commerce and WeChat, a ready-made platform that can be directly used by enterprises, that is, a distribution platform supported by WeChat big data, can bring more value and convenience to enterprises. Regarding related industry issues, if you have any questions or needs, please feel free to contact Shanghai Shangyuan Information Technology. The excellent brand building concept will accompany your company's healthy growth.

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