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Gold anti-counterfeiting introduction

by:LG Printing     2020-03-12
Safety line Anti-Counterfeiting paper is also called cable and sunroof safety line, which refers to placing a Gold Line or plastic line in the middle of the paper during the papermaking process. The earliest use of special metal wire, now using polyester plastic wire, micro letter safety line, fluorescent safety line and so on. The shape of the safety line is straight, wavy, zigzag, etc. According to relevant information, the new version of the US dollar bill not only buries the metal wire in the paper, but also shrinks the text that can only be seen with a high-magnification magnifying glass. In recent years, a thermal safety line has been introduced. It is pink and opaque at room temperature. When it is heated locally with a finger, as long as it reaches 37 degrees Celsius, it will partially display miniature printed text. There is also a kind of safety line-laser holographic safety line produces color changes due to different viewing angles. Put the safety line in the paper, the width of the line can be as small as 1mm. If multiple safety lines are placed at the same time, the spacing of the lines can be as small as 4mm. The pattern and text required by the user can be printed on the safety line. According to the different difficulty requirements of anti-counterfeiting, the printed pattern and text can be made into hollow or non-hollow. The principle of gold thread paper anti-counterfeiting technology adopts RMB anti-counterfeiting manufacturing technology. The skylight safety line is a special anti-counterfeiting paper made by a special paper mill using special paper making equipment and technology. It is technically exclusive and easy to identify, you can customize the specified text or pattern on the security line, or combine it with other anti-counterfeiting technologies to make labels, certificates, tickets, etc. Gold wire technical features 1. Strong anti-counterfeiting reliability: banknotes need anti-counterfeiting most, so the best anti-counterfeiting technology is reflected on banknotes. Each of its anti-counterfeiting technologies, they are all adopted by the state through multi-party argumentation. Watermark and security line anti-counterfeiting are the first anti-counterfeiting means of banknotes in the world, and the reliability of anti-counterfeiting is evident. The high confidentiality of production technology and technology, strict entrusted production system, large-scale paper production and high order quantity of products ensure the reliability of watermark and safety line paper anti-counterfeiting; 2, easy to use: just replace the original plain paper, make your products more unique, invisibly enhance the image of enterprises and products; 3, easy to detect: watermark, security line anti-counterfeiting is a 'first-line anti-counterfeiting', no need to use the instrument, consumers through the banknote to understand this technology, you can identify the authenticity; 4. Elegant appearance: The Enterprise logo can be scaled down on the semi-buried safety line according to customer requirements. Security lines and watermarks can be used in combination or separately. There is no anti-counterfeiting measures on the packaging, so it is easy to be falsified by other lawless elements, causing losses to the company and consumers. Gold wire anti-counterfeiting technology, the technology also used in the renminbi, is safe, reliable and quality. Stick 'gold' for your product '! Tel: 4006262908 related articles recommended: safety line anti-counterfeiting, bar code anti-counterfeiting label, anti-counterfeiting code label, self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting label
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