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Generally speaking, the steps of anti-counterfeiting code inquiry are: check the anti-counterfeiting label on the product packaging, check whether the anti-counterfeiting label is complete, if it is damaged, it is recommended to find the seller to replace

by:LG Printing     2020-02-05
1. Precautions for querying anti-counterfeiting labels: 1. First, check whether the anti-counterfeiting label of the product is complete. Whether the label is complete often reflects whether the anti-counterfeiting label has been transferred or reused, which is a key; 2. Check the anti-counterfeiting method indicated on the anti-counterfeiting label. ( The anti-counterfeiting methods of printing technologies such as laser labels and laser labels do not need to be inquired, as long as they are carefully identified according to the anti-counterfeiting introduction on the commodity manual or the packing box. This anti-counterfeiting method was used in the early stage. At present, many applications are digital anti-counterfeiting methods)3. Digital anti-counterfeiting methods are divided into: website inquiry, SMS inquiry and telephone inquiry. Digital anti-counterfeiting anti-counterfeiting labels are marked with anti-counterfeiting inquiry methods, and consumers should inquire according to the above labels. 4. In order to prevent the anti-counterfeiting label from being fake, it is recommended to go to the official website of the brand to see if the anti-counterfeiting method of the product is the same as that pasted on the product. Generally speaking, manufacturers will give detailed instructions on the inquiry contents and inquiry methods in their own publicity materials, outer packaging or the company's official website so that consumers can carry out anti-counterfeiting inquiries. Avoid the appearance of fake labels and fake corporate websites. 2. Inquiry Method: 1. Send short message: according to the operation prompt on the anti-counterfeiting label, send the anti-counterfeiting code of Kaixun to the specified number. If there is no error in editing the anti-counterfeiting code, a message from the merchant will be received immediately, inform the authenticity, etc; 2. Dial the phone, dial the designated phone according to the operation prompt on the anti-counterfeiting label, and press the voice prompt to enter the anti-counterfeiting code to achieve the corresponding voice broadcast; 3. Scan the QR code, the current anti-counterfeiting label generally has a QR code, use the mobile phone WeChat and other scanning software to easily scan the authenticity, scan the code and enter the query platform, enter the security code to display relevant information. Give full play to the role of a bridge and link between administrative departments, enterprises and consumers. Under the guidance of the policy of 'creating a good development environment, providing public services and safeguarding social fairness and justice, in order to provide authoritative and reliable quality information and consumption information to consumers, and earnestly safeguard the production of industrial products (Distribution)The legitimate rights and interests of enterprises and consumers. The anti-counterfeiting label inquiry system can not only solve the anti-counterfeiting problem of products, but also solve the management of product fleeing goods and the control of product information throughout its life cycle, in order to better provide enterprises with anti-counterfeiting, anti-smuggling, traceability, points management, distribution management and other functions.
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