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Full solution to the value and function of WeChat QR code anti-counterfeiting technology

by:LG Printing     2021-03-16
Nowadays, with the popularity of QR codes, QR code anti-counterfeiting labels have become popular in anti-counterfeiting methods. Many businesses use QR code anti-counterfeiting labels to realize anti-counterfeiting, but many businesses don’t know that QR code anti-counterfeiting labels have other functions. What exactly are there? Let's get to know it together!

  What function can the WeChat QR code anti-counterfeiting label achieve?

  1. Anti-counterfeiting inquiry: When consumers purchase products, they can directly scan the WeChat QR code anti-counterfeiting label on the product, and then they can jump to the corporate public WeChat and mobile website for anti-counterfeiting inquiry, which is simple and fast, greatly reducing consumer products Time cost of anti-counterfeiting query.

  2. Member points: Consumers can scan the WeChat QR code anti-counterfeiting label to jump to the company's WeChat public account or mobile website, and can be a member of the company. Register for anti-counterfeiting to get the corresponding points, and the points can be used to purchase Products or lottery tickets greatly increase the viscosity of consumers.

  3. Distribution system: WeChat business channel is a choice that many companies believe in the current situation, but how to gain the trust of consumers and how to strengthen their product processing is now many companies can’t handle it. WeChat QR code anti-counterfeiting labels are not only necessary Deal with these problems, but also provide a distributed system for enterprises.

  4. Send red envelopes: WeChat New Year's New Year's money craze has made many businessmen like this fresh method. After using it, they found that it has good results. Now this function does not take up the capital to develop completely, and it needs to be added if the company needs it.

  5. Product traceability and anti-flooding is one of the tasks completed in the process of making an enterprise bigger and stronger. Product traceability makes consumers more clear when they consume and increases transparency.

   WeChat QR code anti-counterfeiting technology brings value

   WeChat has QR code anti-counterfeiting labels mainly by printing product anti-counterfeiting codes in today's products, importing anti-counterfeiting code data through the WeChat development interface, and querying the authenticity of products. WeChat QR code anti-counterfeiting technology can not only promote the anti-counterfeiting of enterprise products. WeChat Well, after offline product sales, consumers will be centralized to verify the public WeChat. Once consumers pay attention to the company, they can better maintain with customers, and they can have a product dynamic with customers every day, so that consumers can keep abreast of product updates. Increase the stickiness with customers and improve the secondary sales ability of products.

   The WeChat QR code anti-counterfeiting label is generated by the dynamic QR code of the anti-counterfeiting company, and the WeChat QR code anti-counterfeiting label is used as a publicity carrier to load the development of the company and corporate product information. By scanning the QR code, you can directly go to the corporate mobile website , Enter the mobile Internet portal.

   For example, in the future, consumers scan the daily necessities after use, (shampoo) after use, put the anti-counterfeiting label on the WeChat QR code of the shampoo bottle, and when it is used up, you can directly scan the order and buy it directly online by visiting the website Time also allows many consumers to provide a more convenient channel. WeChat QR code anti-counterfeiting label, as an important point, can directly enter the webpage to check the authenticity of the product when purchasing a product, which is convenient for consumers to identify, and also promotes corporate development information through the mobile phone website to give consumers greater interaction .

   If your products are subject to imitations, pirates, and other chaotic problems, the QR code anti-counterfeiting and pirates prevention system developed by Shangyuan Anti-counterfeiting will be your good choice! WeChat QR code anti-counterfeiting technology, customized QR code anti-counterfeiting labels, welcome to consult: 400-998-0111. Welcome to Shangyuan Anti-counterfeiting!

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