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Fragile film adhesive label printing

by:LG Printing     2021-01-22

fragile film adhesive materials surface material is a film after the special craft processing, its tensile strength is low, very easy to broken, contractility and have certain request for temperature, humidity and storage life. Commonly used as anti-fake label. Depending on the bottom paper is divided into bottom paper thin and thick bottom paper two types of materials, now comes a brief introduction for everybody!

thin bottom paper printing material processing.

thin bottom paper material is suitable for the label machine in the form of web printing processing. Due to the low surface material strength, fragile film printing, die cutting, don't waste; Finished product labels only cut pieces, no volume. So fragile film label is not automatic labeling, and all the label by hand. Special processing of fabrics after heated easy shrink, thus unfavorable use printing and hot stamping. Thin bottom paper brittle materials should not be in the form of a leaflet printing. Because paper cutting drum materials will accelerate the surface of material shrinkage: bottom paper deformation, clearance is formed between the bottom paper and wood, printing process surface material fracture cause, cause waste labels increased, increasing consumption. Drum paper fragile film suggest using ordinary type resin letterpress printing and flexographic ink water-based ink printing.

thick bottom paper printing material processing.

thick bottom paper material at the bottom of the paper thickness is commonly due to bottom paper thickness, surface material shrinkage not cause deformation of the bottom paper, is only near the surface material shrinkage. Thick bottom paper material can be cut into sheet after printing, printing forms for offset printing, embossed and silk screen printing. After the die cutting waste or waste by hand. Fragile film adhesive materials surface material shrinkage, processors bought materials should be immediately after printing, should not be stored. Encountered surface printing material shrinkage, edge seep phenomenon, should be appropriate to slow feed speed, avoid stripping force is too large, increasing fracture, edge material consumption.

it is about fragile film adhesive label printing some of the problems of simple introduction!

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