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Food safety traceability system has its own characteristics and what are the requirements?

by:LG Printing     2021-03-04
Small make up today is to introduce the food safety traceability system, it can help enterprise monitoring and recording food plant ( Breeding) , processing, packaging, testing, transportation and other key information, and put these information through the Internet, terminal gets to, the way such as telephone, SMS real-time rendering platform that enables the management and service to consumers. Then you know food safety traceability system has its own characteristics and what are the requirements? Let's get together to see the next. < br />

a, the requirements of food safety traceability system: < br />
< br />
1. Record and store information: at various stages in every link of the food chain food producers and traders shall definitely food and raw materials suppliers, buyers, and the relationship between each other, and to record and store the information.

  2. Food identity management: management is the foundation of establishing traceability of identity. Food identity management work includes the following contents: < br />
< br />
( 1) Determine the identity of the product traceability units and production materials;

  ( 2) For each unit of food and raw materials separated management;

  ( 3) Determine the identity of the product and raw material unit with the relationship between the suppliers, dealers, and record related information;

  ( 4) Establish the identity of the raw material production units and its relationship between semi-finished products and finished products, and record related information;

  ( 5) If the raw material is mixed or divided, should before mixing or split to establish its identity, the relationship between the and record the related information.

  3. Enterprise's internal inspection: inspection to carry out the enterprise internal network, to ensure the reliability of the traceability system and improve its ability is very important. Enterprise internal check content: < br />
< br />
( 1) According to the established procedures, check whether the operation in place;

  ( 2) Check whether the food and its information is be tracked and back;

  ( 3) The change of inspection of food quality and quantity.

  4. Third-party supervision and inspection: it includes the government food safety regulatory inspection and inspection agencies, it is helpful to keep food traceability system work, timely discover and solve the problem, increase the trust of consumers.

  5. To provide information to consumers: in general, to consumer information has two aspects: < br />
< br />
( 1) Food traceability system collected the real-time information, including food identification Numbers, contact information, etc;

  ( 2) Prior information, including food production operator's activities and its past reputation information such as product. Provide such information to consumer, should pay attention to protecting the lawful rights and interests of the food producers and traders. Among them, the record and store information in each stage is the basic requirement of food traceability.

( Figure source network invasion delete)
< br />
2, the characteristics of food safety traceability system: < br />
< br />
1. The transparency of the process: food traceability system emphasizes the participation of every member of the food supply chain, emphasize every key link information into the open, transparent, therefore, increased the transparency of food traceability.

  2. Traceability level of diversity: at regional level, the food traceability system can be to a country, a region, a business until a specific production management link for traceability; From product level, the food traceability system can be for a product, a lot, a product until a specific raw materials for traceability. Therefore, flexible and varied food traceability system roots level.

  3. Traceability information standard: based on the key technologies in food traceability of food traceability system has realized the traceability information acquisition, processing, transmission and application of standardization, food between supply chain members, realizes the information sharing and exchange between food supply chain.

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