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Food anti-traffic system for the people to take food as their heaven

by:LG Printing     2021-04-09
Food is the first priority for the people, and food safety is the first priority. Food quality issues have always been the concern and attention of our consumers. In recent years, many food issues have appeared in front of the public, making the masses of us worry and worry about ourselves. A victim, afraid of buying substandard products, put a lot of effort into eating. The anti-counterfeiting industry researched a very good system in response to this incident. It is the food anti-smuggling system and the food anti-smuggling system. The research and development of the system has solved our problems with food. Next, the editor will introduce to you the food anti-smuggling system.

  The food anti-smuggling system is based on the one-item one-code technology, using advanced methods such as the Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing, etc., so that users have completed the transformation of the traceability system from unfamiliar to familiar. Apply one thing, one code to food, and establish an independent identity for each food; ID card makes the food life cycle traceable and realizes product anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting management.

How does    food anti-smuggling system operate? It specifically includes the following content:

   1. Through the code association management function of the platform, the single product QR code and the large box QR code are bound to be established.

  2. When the product scans the QR code of the large box at the factory, the product will automatically bind the agent information content.

  3. After the product is scanned out of the warehouse from the agents and distributors, the product will also establish a binding relationship with the store information content.

  4. The market inspector directly scans the goods on the shelf (or the big box in the warehouse) with the mobile phone, and enters the logistics code on the label to check whether the goods are diverted; if the goods are diverted, the system can automatically record and generate Statistical report.

  What is the business process of the food anti-smuggling system? It contains the following points:

  1. Anti-channeling warning: Once the goods are scanned in different places, after a certain value is set, the warning will be given according to the setting to help the manufacturer in data and visual management.

  2. Distributor management: Distributors, dealers’ fleeing behavior will directly affect the interests of manufacturers, and will affect the manufacturers’ accurate grasp of the sales data of each area.

  3. Production warehousing: The box or box is used as the delivery unit in the management of the fleeing goods. In order to facilitate the delivery, the collection and association of boxes, boxes, and pallets are required.

  4. Sales out of the warehouse: download the sales order, the order contains dealer information, including the delivery address, consignee, product list, etc.

  5. Scan code out of the library: Scan the code via PDA to associate the operator, shipping place, shipping time, and product information with the order.

  6. Logistics tracking: record logistics information, ensure that there is no abnormality in the transportation process, the dealer scans the code to receive the goods, and confirm that the goods arrive at the designated place.

  7. Receipt confirmation: After the dealer scans the code to receive the goods, they will feedback the status of the product information, change the delivered goods to the received goods, and confirm the sales area of u200bu200bthe goods.

   8. Fleeing goods inspection: Fleeing goods scanning code will record the scanning time, scanning code location, and scanner ID. The system will automatically determine whether the product is in the designated area according to the order information bound at the time of delivery, if not , An alarm is issued.

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