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Foiling The Forgers

by:LG Printing     2020-09-22

The utility pressure may be within the range of 200 to 400 pounds per linear inch. 6 is a schematic view displaying one kind of apparatus for warm stamping with a clean, flat heated die, a chip from the composite sheet bearing the holographic picture or diffraction grating picture onto a substrate.

A third layer of safety could be added utilizing submit printing operations. This typically is an offline process where the types are fed via a foil stamping unit in a steady format. The foil is applied using a mix of warmth and stress.

With our machines you'll be able to produce pressure tamper evident holographic stickers, holographic film, hologram hot stamping, hologram tape, hologram badge, safety clear hologram ID card, and so on. HL_2 Manually scorching stamping machine m is widely utilized in quite a lot of printing materials, similar to paper, plastic card, shoebox, invitation cards, leather-based, fabric, and so on. This tools has good stability with high stress.

The foil cannot be faraway from the substrate intact. Counterfeiting continues to be a menace to checks, important records and other documents. We’ve discussed in previous articles the need for layering security features utilizing covert and overt options. This may be in the paper in addition to the ink used to print the doc.

Automatic hologram scorching stamping machine is excellent to sizzling stamping hologram scorching stamping foil exactly and quick onto label, paper and other materials in roll. It's appropriate to sizzling stamp hologram onto label in roll very precisely by tracing white register mark. Hot stamping foil with the holographic image is fused on to a paper or plastic surfaces, by the use of heat and pressure. Once applied on to the host floor it becomes a part of it and the picture.
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