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Fluorescent anti-counterfeiting labels of commonly used labels

by:LG Printing     2021-03-16
With the development of science and technology, more and more fakes have flooded the market, which has caused great distress to our consumers. We don’t know if the products we buy are qualified or not, and we will buy fakes if we are not careful. Goods, the importance of anti-counterfeiting comes at this time. Anti-counterfeiting labels can help me distinguish the authenticity of products, and can also help dealers prevent cross-country goods and balance the market so that consumers will not worry about buying products when they buy them. To counterfeit and shoddy goods. At the same time, it also reassures the merchants, so that they will no longer worry about their goods being sold. So, the emergence of anti-counterfeiting labels brings so many benefits, what are the anti-counterfeiting labels you know? Let the editor introduce to you today, our common anti-counterfeiting label, it is fluorescent anti-counterfeiting label.

   First of all, let’s understand what fluorescent anti-counterfeiting labels are: fluorescent anti-counterfeiting is also known as ultraviolet light anti-counterfeiting, and ultraviolet fluorescent ink is a relatively mature anti-counterfeiting ink in the market. It is made by adding corresponding visible fluorescent compounds to the ink. to make. Under ultraviolet light, the logo can display or announce the fluorescence or discoloration of various colors. Among them, organic fluorescent materials are used, and the fluorescent effect of the anti-counterfeiting mark can last for at least 3 years; when the inorganic fluorescent materials are used, the fluorescent effect of the anti-counterfeiting mark can last for more than 10 years.

   The technical principle of the fluorescent anti-counterfeiting label is: the anti-counterfeiting company uses special fluorescent ink to bind to the label, and intuitively touching with eyes and hand can not find the serial code, text or picture. It must be illuminated by fluorescent light or ultraviolet light. It can be seen that the invisible fluorescent serial code can be used in the anti-smuggling function of enterprises. When identifying its authenticity, a dedicated testing instrument must be used.

  Secondly, the technical strengths of fluorescent anti-counterfeiting labels are: the fluidity number of fluorescent ink anti-counterfeiting technology can be used for anti-counterfeiting, which can achieve the effect of anti-counterfeiting without using the anti-counterfeiting system, and the technology is The invisible skills are not easy to be detected and imitated. The invisible password and barcode can correspond or not correspond, and the whole process can be tracked to destroy the behavior of dealers. The anti-counterfeiting coefficient is extremely high, and generally counterfeiters will not easily counterfeit.

  Fluorescent anti-counterfeiting labels are actually divided into 2 types:

   1. Invisible colorless fluorescent anti-counterfeiting ink: This is a kind of anti-counterfeiting ink with mature technology and convenient application. Under normal circumstances, it appears white or colorless, and does not show color when printed on paper or plastic film. Under a currency detector or ultraviolet light, different types will show different colors. It is suitable for official documents, securities, Anti-counterfeiting packaging for certificates and various high-standard cigarettes, alcohol, medicines, cosmetics and other brand products.

  2. Colored fluorescent anti-counterfeiting ink: This kind of anti-counterfeiting ink can show the same color as the original ink under the currency detector or ultraviolet light. It is mainly used for receipts or other printed products with anti-counterfeiting requirements. There are different Colors are available for users to choose.

  Fluorescent anti-counterfeiting labels are also widely used in our lives. For example, our certificates and awards will all use fluorescent anti-counterfeiting labels, especially currency. Everyone will have a certificate more or less in their lives. No matter how bad, everyone has a currency. The technology used in it is fluorescent anti-counterfeiting labels. Doesn’t it feel magical? Compared to QR code anti-counterfeiting labels, its anti-counterfeiting performance will be even better. High, more difficult to copy. The above is the fluorescent anti-counterfeiting label introduced by the editor, I hope it will be helpful to you.

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