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First, the introduction of the anti-smuggling package? ? Anti-counterfeiting labels can ensure the uniqueness of each product and enable fake and inferior products to be used in anti-counterfeiting inquiries.

by:LG Printing     2020-03-15
Product introduction, uncovering the bottom label is a label made of special materials. It is also called VOID label because it usually leaves VOID after tearing. This kind of label will be destroyed when it is torn. In addition to leaving the words, it will lose its stickiness. Once it is torn, it will inevitably be discovered, therefore, it is widely used in logistics labels, anti-disassembly seals and seals. This kind of label adopts PET surface material, which can be made into transparent and opaque materials with various colors such as matte silver, light silver, flash silver, laser, white, etc, you can use the words 'VOID', 'warranty has expired' or brand name (Font). Product advantages 1, effective anti-tear and anti-disassembly. When the label is torn, the preset characters or patterns of the substrate are separated from the substrate and completely retained on the surface of the adhesive, and the torn label loses some adhesion and cannot be restored. 2, the face material style is diverse. The surface material can be selected for double coated paper, OPP, PE, PET, PO, etc. according to the printing method, the surface of the sticker, etc. The substrate can be made into white, matte silver, silver or other colors, it can also be made into color effects. 3, wear-resistant, efficient and reliable. The surface material can be coated according to the printing method, and the treated substrate surface has good printing and printing effects, is resistant to chemical reagents and abrasion, can save printing carbon tapes and reduce printer losses. Printing by offset printing, UV printing, gravure printing and other printing methods can show good printing effect. 4, the bottom content can be customized. The preset font in the substrate can be text, pattern, or other special pattern specified by the customer. Adopt special edition map. . . Product introduction, one product, one code, also known as one thing, one code, is a technical system that realizes anti-counterfeiting, traceability, marketing and other functions by generating a unique two-dimensional code identification code for each product. One product one code label needs to be used by the supporting system. The functions that can be realized include anti-counterfeiting, product traceability, anti-smuggling control, member points, WeChat cash back promotion, etc. Product advantages 1. The 'one product, one code' scheme is highly mature and can be adjusted according to actual production. 2, according to the functional complexity of pricing, some have a stand-alone version, even small supermarkets can afford. 3. The whole system is delivered and the enterprise uses its own server, with strong autonomy and high controllability. 4. The carrier is flexible and can be used on labels, tickets, packaging and other printed materials. 5. More anti-counterfeiting technologies can be added on the basis of one product and one code to realize high-strength anti-counterfeiting. Supporting System anti-counterfeiting has developed multiple systems on the basis of one product and one code. We can provide a complete set of solutions from software to supporting labels, tags and packaging, including but not limited: 1. Product traceability system 2. Anti-smuggling System 3. Member points system (Consumption points system) 4, WeChat anti-counterfeiting system 5, WeChat cash back promotion system, because the software system function is more complex, here is not listed one by one, please contact our business personnel for details, customize your software system
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