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First of all, briefly introduce what is holographic anti-counterfeiting label:

by:LG Printing     2020-02-24
Holographic anti-counterfeiting label, also known as laser laser anti-counterfeiting label, is an anti-counterfeiting label completed by using laser color hologram plate making technology and molding copy technology. The plate making technologies that can be realized include: dot matrix dynamic light, disposable special laser film, 3D optical miniature background, colorful optical random interference, Chinese and English uranium shrinking characters, etc. Holographic anti-counterfeiting label sample, the following is the classification of holographic anti-counterfeiting labels: 1, laser laser scraping label 2, laser laser lifting label 3, laser laser label with serial number, laser laser label identification, the general user mainly observes through the naked eye, and can also view the internal engraving features through the microscopic equipment to identify the authenticity. Its characteristics are: the labels pressed by the same template are the same, but the template is affected by various parameters and environmental conditions in the lithography process, so it is unlikely to complete the same two templates, this is also one of the most important anti-counterfeiting features of laser identification. The color of the trademark is divided into a variety of colors: gold, silver, Big Red, Rose Red, sky blue, light blue, grass green, dark green, orange. Finally, the nature of the trademark is divided into a variety of anti-counterfeiting functions: 1. Fragile destructive anti-theft effect. 2. Permanent reuse effect. 3. Uncover the effect of leaving printed words. 4. Uncover the anti-counterfeiting effect of Yin and Yang characters. Application field: this kind of logo is currently the most widely used logo in the market, widely used in various industries such as clothing, footwear, health care products, food, alcohol, auto parts, medicine, tobacco, light industry, electrical appliances, audio-visual cultural products, etc. The logo uses alumina film as the main material, on the surface of the LOGO, you can do the enterprise information, LOGO, trademark, etc. , as well as the avatar or other special patterns and lines. Laser films are divided into disposable films and permanent films. The disposable films are characterized by being damaged after being pasted on products or packaging, and cannot be reused.
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