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Film class types and features introduced the non-drying label materials

by:LG Printing     2021-01-21

film class the non-drying label material there are a lot of different types, each with different specifications and physical and chemical properties, and application range are different, in the base labels, variable information label and special label has applied fine, now origin briefly describes the common characteristics of the thin film material!

a, polyester film. Has high tensile strength and tear strength, excellent resistance to high temperature properties and durability, the processing can be highly transparent, opaque and metal thin film. Surface with coating, can be suitable for all kinds of printing and printing, has the good ability of automatic labeling. With good chemical resistance and dimensional stability, so it is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

2, polyvinyl choride (PVC). Low intensity, temperature resistant ability general, tear resistance ability is bad, good transparency. But have good flexibility, contractility and opaque, good processing property and labeling features, can be used outdoors for a long time, has excellent resistance to chemical corrosion. Can be processed into a variety of color and light, matt and metallized film processing. Usually without surface treatment, suitable for all kinds of printing, especially suitable for screen printing.

3, polyethylene film. Low strength and tear resistance, high temperature resistant ability and poor durability, belong to half transparency film, but good flexibility, printing eligibility and processing labeling features, chemical corrosion resistant ability, suitable for indoor use. Coating and corona surface treatment methods available now, can be processed into translucent, inferior smooth, white and metallized film processing. Suitable for all kinds of printing processing method.

4, polypropylene film. Features with polyester film, basically need to the two-way stretch to maintain the stability of size. Because of the low surface energy, generally for the use of composite membrane, such as printing film, surface should be treated with corona. The processing can be made into highly transparent, opaque, light, matte and metallic thin film. Due to the excellent transparency, tag have place them on a transparent bottles without feeling. Can be suitable for all kinds of printing methods.

5, acetic acid salt film. Low strength and tear resistance, high temperature resistance and chemical corrosion resistance is poor, high hardness, labeling and processing characteristics generally, but the printing features excellent, suitable for indoor use. Can be processed into transparent light and matte film, suitable for all kinds of printing way.

described above five is a commonly used several kind of thin film characteristics of the kind of adhesive material. This is what we do today is simple to share!

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