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Feeling that today is right but yesterday is wrong, there are opinions on the development of anti-counterfeiting technology

by:LG Printing     2021-03-11

  Although anti-counterfeiting technology has existed in ancient times, the composition of disciplines and the army has been a matter of nearly ten years. After consulting relevant domestic and foreign reference books, no anti-counterfeiting entries were found. The theories about anti-counterfeiting technology are mostly practical technologies scattered in periodicals, and there is no published bibliography of anti-counterfeiting technology monographs. Anti-counterfeiting has meanings such as anti-counterfeiting. Lies have the meaning of falsehood and deception. ; The term anti-counterfeiting is composed of two words with clear meaning, therefore; the term anti-counterfeiting technology is widely used.

  The basis of the above concept is as follows:

   1. When we understand the word defense, we must not only limit ourselves to the aspect of defense, but also adapt to its active struggle.

   This is reflected in related entries, such as; the word air defense, although there is; anti-counterfeiting side, but in many dictionaries, the explanation of adopting various methods of struggle to resist enemy air strikes is before us. . Therefore, we cannot limit the anti-counterfeiting technology to providing anti-counterfeiting marks or secret records to ensure authenticity. It also includes the use of various simple or experimental methods to identify authenticity to expose forgery, counterfeiting and other illegal and criminal activities. In short, the core of this concept is serious identification and anti-counterfeiting, which embodies the purpose and significance of anti-counterfeiting.

  Second, the reason why this concept is titled at the beginning of the term 'Using the theory and technology of modern science' is because the theory, technology, technology, etc. on which this technology is based are modern science and technology and its openness The results.

   1. First of all, contemporary manufacturing and counterfeiting have occurred in the context of productivity progress and the prosperity of science and technology. Its technological content can be very high, even to the extent that it is difficult to distinguish between true and false. Therefore, anti-counterfeiting technology is necessary for better management of counterfeiting activities.

   2. Secondly, anti-counterfeiting technology should not simply repeat the previous methods, but should be based on high-tech and new technologies, constantly update and change anti-counterfeiting methods, and introduce new advanced ideas, methods, technologies and new anti-counterfeiting product.

  3. In addition, contemporary anti-counterfeiting has surpassed a single anti-counterfeiting period. To open up to inductive anti-counterfeiting technology, it is necessary to gamble on the advantages and great achievements of various technologies. In other words, Today's anti-counterfeiting technology is a multi-disciplinary edge technology, and it is necessary to develop a large cooperation between various disciplines to form an additional perfect system.

   Third, anti-counterfeiting technology is different from other technologies. It is a special technique used to protect the subject matter, making it difficult to make.

   1. This kind of technology cannot be obtained directly from other places; secondly, it is difficult to make up for it. To make up for it, it is necessary to invest an appropriate amount of manpower and material resources to provide features and equipment that can accurately identify users in an appropriate time.

   2. The existence and openness of anti-counterfeiting technology depends on the needs of the protected object. After all, the purpose of anti-counterfeiting technology development is to defeat the manufacturer and make it impossible to accomplish the purpose of manufacturing.

   In the theory of anti-counterfeiting technology, it is generally believed that anti-counterfeiting technology is a technology used for careful identification and anti-counterfeiting. When using the term anti-counterfeiting technology, everyone is aware that there are similar words, but if you analyze them carefully, they still need to be discussed. According to the concept should reflect the holding characteristics of things, the concept of anti-counterfeiting technology can be considered as: using modern scientific concepts and technologies to develop a special technology to protect the subject matter, which is difficult to produce and can accurately identify the authenticity of the product.

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