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Factors that result in the change of tension reel stickers materials

by:LG Printing     2021-01-23

drum paper and the tension of the non-drying label material on the label printing feed way, when a is a type of feed, the other is a continuous feed.

the intermittent feed feed and paper drawing for the two systems, and paper is always in the condition of relaxation traction, so press tension to near zero. Continuous feed, is made up of several active platen drawing paper feed, paper is always in a state of tension.

general factors which affect the tension reel stickers material basically has the following kinds, will now take you to find out together!

the defects of printing material itself.

drum material internal tightness, tension control device does not work, lead to different tension in a volume of material; Drum material with joint, joint on both sides of the rewinding is too loose, make the whole roll of different material tension. Elastic inconsistent on both ends of the roll material, feed paper when wandering, tension change; With uneven roll material insole back to wet paper, causing tension change; Drum material thickness, density, looseness are changed.

printing speed changes.

normal feed speed suddenly change, caused the paper to surface elastic change. For example, when start-up and shut-down, adjust the speed.

the device precision of tension control.

the control accuracy is low, or the operator is not skilled, can not correctly normal material tension control.

equipment defects on the drive.

due to the transmission error of the cylinder diameter and the change of the drive roller pressure between, make each transmission section tension, overall material tension is different.

change the diameter of the drum.

drum diameter changes, its moment of inertia of also change, torque changes, also changes in the tension between the paper.

drying temperature. Drying temperature changes, or the drying temperature is not consistent, will cause the material surface printing ink volatile, tension problem.

uneven tension will affect the processing quality, increase of waste, is not allowed in overprint die cutting and graphic, the problem such as dot deformation, so it is important to note that tension problem, especially in thin film materials

, only control the tension, the printing can be assured of qualified products

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