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Exploring the secret of printing a thief

by:LG Printing     2021-01-30

in the printing process often appear thief, the thief, is refers to the printing paper is white, more in the process of printing and plate making, multiple color due to the location is not allowed when the overprint, lead to connected between the color of the white border of a phenomenon. In color box, manuals and other printing production process, there are many factors that can cause printing thief, now just by a simple introduce for everybody!

printing more than the thief is produced by the following case

a, paper suction is

water absorption of paper, and ink viscosity will be a lot of influence on printing effect, for the cause of the thief in a different way, the means of processing are also different. If the paper is dry degree of imbalance, some of the wet part of drying, this kind of situation is due to damp paper storage environment, lead to contact air paper absorbs moisture in the air, but unable to get the corresponding humidity and appear in the middle of the paper paper part dry mania or wet. This would require the environment of workshop, humidity control.

2, corrugated paper is thief

corrugated thief is corrugated carton production process is also the most difficult to eliminate the most common printing problems, printing surface because the thief less beautiful, which can not meet the quality requirements of printing.

it is also possible that printing ink viscosity will affect

find out causes of printing the thief adjustments according to the point, to be able to avoid the basic printing of the thief.

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