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Explore the market value of tea anti-counterfeiting and anti-channeling system

by:LG Printing     2021-03-12
my country is a big country of tea, and there are countless tea merchants or tea lovers. Nowadays, the market is flooded with uneven tea leaves, making the tea brand not stable enough. What emerged at the historic moment was a tea anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling system system, which relied on the technology of one item, one code to establish the relationship of data statistics. So how to achieve it?

   It integrates the rigid needs of customers for anti-counterfeiting authentication and inquiry. The tea brand company can scan the QR code when entering and leaving the warehouse. It can automatically identify cross-shipment issues and analyze the content of cross-shipment information based on the content of the area information and the address information that the customer searches. It can also establish an intelligent collection of inter-transport information content, which is not just a function of inter-transport early warning information.

   Marketing and promotion use value:

  (1) According to the management method of freight logistics code, it assists well-known brands to create a hierarchical Internet of agents and manages each agent.

  (2) Combination of anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting marketing promotion. The anti-counterfeiting system software checks the authenticity or rewards based on the QR code scanned by the customer, and conducts counter-checking and tracking of the product sales area.

  (3) From manual service supervision to fully automatic mobile phones, create the company's own anti-theft product Internet big data.

  (4) Good customer experience. The anti-channeling code can be added with marketing promotion functions, and can integrate a variety of activities, marketing rewards and incentives for customers to actively scan the QR code.

  (5) Reduce business costs. Say goodbye to the past and rely on offline promotion to monitor and inspect agents. According to the online and offline real-time monitoring system of the system software, the cost of finger monitoring is greatly saved.

  (6) Agent data monitoring. According to the shipping code of freight logistics, query the receipt and delivery status of each agent, scan the two-dimensional code statistical data according to the customer, understand the market sales dynamics of each agent, and display inventory statistics in real time. The system software can instantly display marketing data analysis tables to brand managers, change the way of submitting sales statistics tables, and ensure the accuracy and timeliness of statistical data. It is helpful for managers to make marketing management decisions.

The application of    software can improve the management method of marketing channels, establish and improve the network management system based on the anti-escape system software, regulate the personal behavior of agents, and use rules and regulations to discourage cross-regional market sales. Because it is the basic construction and management personnel of the marketing network among the manufacturers. It is related to economic development and is fair among general dealers across the country. The rules and regulations of marketing network management can only be embodied through a distribution contract or a contract signed by both parties, that is to say, the contract is used to restrict the personal behavior of agents in the sales market. In this mixed sales market, it is necessary for tea sales companies to use it.

  Shanghai Shangyuan Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional high-tech enterprise established with the technical support of Shanghai Jiaotong University with the core of anti-counterfeiting, merchandising and traceability systems. The company adheres to the corporate culture of Suntech (harmonious internal company relations and customer relations), Shangpin (high-quality products and services), and Shangyuan (grateful for employees, grateful for customers, and thinking of drinking water), and will seek deeper and broader development. Our technology effectively curbs the circulation of counterfeit products, protects and enhances the interests of customers and brand value, and builds social trust. In the tea industry, our company also has a relatively mature set of anti-counterfeiting solutions for brand merchants to choose from. Welcome to communicate with our company.
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