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Easy-going and not following the wave, tolerant and not tolerant of the uniqueness of QR code anti-counterfeiting

by:LG Printing     2021-03-29
Many companies have begun to add QR code anti-counterfeiting labels to dairy products, but counterfeiters also take this opportunity to produce fake QR code anti-counterfeiting labels, disturbing consumers’ judgments. Then, what kind of QR code anti-counterfeiting labels are real? ? How to distinguish between true and false? Consumers can scan the QR code anti-counterfeiting label on the imported milk powder package and just follow the prompts. This kind of anti-counterfeiting label is usually useful for one-time inquiry. If you scan the code and find that it has been checked multiple times, there is It may be impersonating.

   Nowadays, the use of QR codes and scan code timers for anti-counterfeiting is a new technology widely used in the anti-counterfeiting industry. In real life, there are two loopholes that will attract attention. First, the counterfeiter is recovering the authenticity and anti-counterfeiting QR code with intact coating, and secondly, changing to a cloning system that adds fakes. If these two are not solved well, it is easy to cause anti-counterfeiting. Ineffective, so that counterfeiters have loopholes to drill.

  一. Consumers distinguish between true and false QR code anti-counterfeiting labels

  1. The inquiry phone on the fake anti-counterfeiting label will be written as the inquiry phone on the real anti-counterfeiting label. Its function is that the phone can be connected, the code does not exist, and it clarifies that it is fake;

  2. The query telephone number on the fake anti-counterfeiting label is written as other telephone, which is different from the telephone number on the real anti-counterfeiting label. This requires citizens to have an understanding of standard products and dial the correct telephone number;

  3. The code on the fake anti-counterfeiting label has a different number of digits than the code on the real anti-counterfeiting code, so there is no need to call for inquiries and clarify that the product is fake;

  4. Usually, the handwriting on the fake anti-counterfeiting label is not very clear and difficult to distinguish.

  二. How companies implement QR code anti-counterfeiting labels

  1. To achieve WeChat scan anti-counterfeiting, the merchant must first make a variable QR code anti-counterfeiting label. This anti-counterfeiting label itself has a variety of anti-counterfeiting technologies and is difficult to imitate. In addition, the QR code on the label It is different from Zhang Zhang, Zhang Zhang is the only one, to realize anti-counterfeiting with variable. In this way, post on the product, one product one code, so that each product has its own unique ID card. The QR code on the label is encrypted, and the anti-counterfeiting query link and the anti-counterfeiting code are generated in the QR code. Consumers only need to scan through WeChat to reach the query page for anti-counterfeiting query.

  2. Establish an anti-counterfeiting query system for brand merchants' own products, generate variable QR codes and anti-counterfeit codes, and upload them to the anti-counterfeiting system database. With the big data system created in this way, consumers can scan through WeChat and enter the corresponding data to obtain product information and query authenticity.

  3. Enter the anti-counterfeiting information of the product in the background of the system, such as a series of information such as origin, production date, raw material, and shelf life.

  4. Find the company’s anti-counterfeiting printing company to print the QR code anti-counterfeiting label, and use the labeling machine to affix the label to the product or package. You can easily scan the anti-counterfeiting information with WeChat to identify the authenticity of the product.

   Nowadays, the magical use of scanning the QR code to count to help customers determine whether many people have opened the package of the product before the customer, if the package is opened, the goods in the gift box will always be lost Bags, if there is a probability of being lost, there will always be suspected imitations! Because the customer distinguishes whether the product is genuine or not, there is this basic criterion: whether the product is original and genuine and has not been opened by others! Therefore, customers only need to choose whether the QR code picture on the goods in the gift box was first detected by their own scanner to be able to immediately distinguish the authenticity.
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