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Does the barcode have any anti-counterfeiting features?

by:LG Printing     2021-04-09
Why do companies customize anti-counterfeiting labels? The main reason is to provide consumers with an additional way to verify the authenticity. In recent years, most people buy goods through online shopping. Products purchased online do not have a certain scale and qualifications like physical stores that convince you to a certain extent. Consumers must first want to check the authenticity, because no one wants to pay for a counterfeit product. Among them, barcodes are widely used in life. We have always had an illusion that products with barcodes have anti-counterfeiting functions, but we don't know which ways to prove the authenticity of their products. So let's tell you whether the barcode has anti-counterfeiting function?

  一. First of all, what is a barcode

   Barcode is a graphic identifier that arranges multiple black bars and blanks of varying widths in accordance with certain coding rules to express a group of information. A common barcode is a pattern of parallel lines arranged by black and white bars with very different reflectivities.

  二. Production of Bar Anti-counterfeiting Code

   Barcode labels are easy to make, there are no special requirements for equipment and materials, identification equipment is easy to operate, no special training is required, and the equipment is relatively cheap.

  The production of bar codes generally uses printing, bar code printers or laser engraving machines to print bar codes. The big difference between bar code printers and ordinary printers is that the printing of bar code printers is based on thermal transfer, using ribbon as the printing medium to complete the printing. With ribbons of different materials, high-quality printing effects can be achieved. Realize continuous high-speed printing under supervision.

  三. Its advantages

  Uniqueness: the same product of the same specification corresponds to the same product code, and different specifications of the same product should correspond to different product codes. According to the different nature of the product, such as: weight, packaging, specifications, smell, color, shape, etc., different product codes are assigned.

  Permanence: Once the product code is assigned, it will not be changed, and it is lifetime. When such a product is no longer in production, its corresponding product code can only be put on hold, and cannot be reused and allocated to other products.

   meaningless: In order to ensure that the code has enough capacity to meet the needs of frequent product updates, it is better to use meaningless sequence codes.

   Four. Application field

   Barcode can mark the country of production, manufacturer, product name, production date, book classification number, mail start and end location, category, date and many other information, so it can be used in commodity circulation, book management, postal management, banking systems, etc. Many fields have reached a wide range of applications.

   Five. Classification of barcodes

   It is divided into: invisible bar code, two-dimensional bar code, metal bar code, two-dimensional metal bar code with implicit magnetic code, etc.

   The barcode itself does not matter whether it is authentic or fake. The authenticity is the product in the package; it is not the product corresponding to the barcode that cannot be found on the item code intermediate website is fake, because the product manufacturer applies for it at their local Quality Inspection and Quarantine Bureau After the product barcode of their company is reached, it will be sent to the server in the middle of the national article code after a long period of time. If the buyer inquires the barcode of the product within this period of time, it will not be able to find it; the product barcode is used If the time period expires, the company needs to renew every year to continue to use the barcode. Otherwise, the barcode will be deleted from the item code intermediate website. If the buyer inquires the barcode of the product within this period, it will not be able to find it.

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