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Do you know what materials and papers are available for security labels?

by:LG Printing     2021-04-18
At present, many anti-counterfeiting skills of products rely on anti-counterfeiting paper to show their effects. The production of anti-counterfeiting labels cannot be separated from anti-counterfeiting paper. Here we introduce several anti-counterfeiting papers for modern anti-counterfeiting. Today we will learn about the commonly used anti-counterfeiting papers under anti-counterfeiting labels.

  Anti-counterfeiting paper mainly includes:

  1, paper money printing

  The raw materials used for banknote printing paper are mainly long-fiber cotton and hemp. The paper is tough, shiny, sturdy, resistant to folding, and lint-free. Some countries also add special symbols or random distribution to the pulp. The red and green fiber silk. The banknote printing paper has no fluorescence, so it is convenient to check the anti-counterfeiting mark printed with fluorescent ink under the fluorescent lamp. Plastic banknotes made of plastic instead of paper have come out and are more durable. Of course, banknote printing paper can also be used for primary documents such as national debt, stock market and other securities or passports.

  2, electronic watermark paper

  According to the British 'Times' report on May 3, 1999, a system called Microbus uses chaos theory to encrypt data and add it to the setting of the file. This kind of microbus is invisible to the naked eye, but it can be read and decrypted with a scanner. Only the initial printing plate can be printed; microbus, any accurate printing equipment can not copy or can only print out some fuzzy images. According to the research and development company, it is almost impossible to decipher it from a mathematical point of view; Microbus's coding system is almost impossible. A standard computer scanner is used for identification; the commercial version can also be used to check banknotes with scanning equipment in the mall. Microbus can be easily hidden in the watermarks of securities and image settings such as money and stock markets, so it is also called electronic watermark. This technology can also be used for irrelevant primary parts of photos and anti-counterfeiting marks of other paper products, which can be checked with a scanner.

  3, watermarked paper

  In the papermaking process, a pre-planned watermark graphic printing plate is installed on the screen, or it is formed by the printing cylinder. Because the image and text are not the same as the unevenness, the pulp constitutes the corresponding density with different thickness. After the paper is finished, because the density of the pulp at the image and text is different, the light transmittance is different, so the original planned image and text can be displayed during the light transmission query, which is the watermark. There are three types of watermarks: fixed watermark, semi-fixed watermark and non-fixed watermark. Fixed watermarks are fixed on certain positions of paper money, passports, certificates and other papers, and they match the printed graphics or other anti-counterfeiting methods that are visible to the naked eye. For example, the China 1990 edition of 100 yuan and 50 yuan, respectively, have Chairman Mao in the watermark window. , The worker's head. Semi-fixed watermark The interval and orientation between each group of watermarks are fixed, and each group is placed continuously on the paper, so it is also called continuous watermark, and it is mostly used for special paper. Unfixed watermarks are distributed on the full page (full page watermark) of the paper, such as China's 5 yuan and 1 yuan renminbi have full version of ancient money watermarks. Fixed watermark printing technology is more difficult, so it is mostly used for printing banknotes and other securities and passports. The watermark can have two kinds of yin pattern and yang pattern, and it can even be made in different levels, just like a Chinese ink painting. A newly developed transparent watermark in foreign countries can only be queried from a certain angle and cannot be copied by scanning.

  4, ultra-thin paper

  The surface layer of this kind of paper has a different color and is very thin. Once it is wiped off, it will expose another color of the paper base. Use it to prevent signatures or numbers from being erased or smeared.

   The above content is what we know about the commonly used anti-counterfeiting papers for custom-made anti-counterfeiting labels. Of course, the paper anti-counterfeiting is not only these, there are many anti-counterfeiting papers, which need to be selected according to the needs of the anti-counterfeiting label company. Customized anti-counterfeiting labels, to learn more about anti-counterfeiting, welcome to call: 400-998-0111, to provide you with one-stop anti-counterfeiting customized services.

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