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Do you know what are the more popular anti-counterfeit labels?

by:LG Printing     2021-03-21
Nowadays, counterfeit and inferior products are constantly pouring into the market. In order to effectively combat fake and shoddy products, anti-counterfeiting companies continue to develop new anti-counterfeiting products; many people have heard of anti-counterfeiting labels, but does it understand what an anti-counterfeiting label is? Anti-counterfeiting label The scientific name anti-counterfeiting mark, also known as the anti-counterfeiting trademark, is an anti-counterfeiting mark that can be pasted, printed, and transferred on the surface of the subject, or on the package of the subject, or attached to the subject (such as product listings, business cards, and anti-counterfeiting certificates) .Do you know what are the more popular anti-counterfeiting labels? The following editor will introduce some of the more popular anti-counterfeiting labels.

   1. What are the more popular anti-counterfeiting labels?

  1. Two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label: The two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label is a product information two-dimensional code that is encrypted and generated by the two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label system, which can be printed or labelled on the product package, and consumers can purchase it through the official Website or designated mobile phone software can be decoded to verify the authenticity of the product and obtain detailed information. The inquiry channel is formal, professional, and the source of information is reliable.

  2. Laser anti-counterfeiting label: also called holographic anti-counterfeiting label. It is an anti-counterfeiting label that uses laser color hologram plate making technology and molded copy technology. The achievable plate making technology includes: dot matrix dynamic light, one-time special laser film, 3D optical miniature background, colorful optical random interference, Chinese and English uranium abbreviations, etc. The general user mainly observes with the naked eye, but can also observe the internal engraving features through microscopic equipment to identify the authenticity.

  3. Uncover the bottom anti-counterfeiting label: VOID anti-counterfeiting label is a kind of anti-counterfeiting label mainly based on materials. Uncovered VOID anti-counterfeiting material, also called anti-counterfeiting font, is a kind of base material mostly made of plastic film Reveal type self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting material. If it is uncovered, the pre-set text or pattern will be separated from the surface material, such as:;VOID,;Unsealed,;Opened, etc., and remain on the object to be posted, so as to achieve the purpose of fidelity, and Provides the function of automatic inspection.

  4. Security thread anti-counterfeiting label: Security thread anti-counterfeiting paper is also called pull thread, open skylight safety thread, which refers to a gold thread or plastic thread placed in the middle of the paper during the papermaking process. The open skylight safety thread is a special anti-counterfeiting paper made by special paper mills using special papermaking equipment and technology. It has technical exclusivity and is easy to identify. The designated text or pattern can be customized on the safety line. The pattern and text can be made into hollow or Not hollowed out. It can also be combined with other anti-counterfeiting technologies to produce labels, certificates, tickets, etc., with strong anti-counterfeiting reliability, convenient use, convenient detection, and beautiful appearance.

  5. Invisible fluorescent anti-counterfeiting label: This technology uses inks with double invisible anti-counterfeiting properties to print fixed words, patterns, numbers or mobile numbers in the anti-counterfeiting label. This technology has high concealment, naked eyes and hand feeling The hidden technology cannot be found by touching it, and special testing equipment must be used to identify its authenticity.

  Anti-counterfeiting is a preventive measure taken to prevent imitation or copying activities for the purpose of deception and without the permission of the owner. The anti-counterfeiting features and identification methods of anti-counterfeiting marks are the soul of anti-counterfeiting marks. If you need to customize the anti-counterfeiting label, you can contact us, we have a number of patented technologies, and will bring you one-stop service.

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