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Do you know what are the advantages of anti-counterfeit labels for products? What are the advantages for enterprises?

by:LG Printing     2021-04-18
As we all know, there are many fake and inferior products. In order to combat fake and inferior products, companies have customized anti-counterfeiting labels. However, when customizing anti-counterfeiting labels, such issues may be considered. I don’t know that the advantages of anti-counterfeiting labels are not particularly understood. Here, the editor of Shang Yuan will introduce to you the advantages of anti-counterfeiting labels to products and enterprises.

   1. Advantages of anti-counterfeiting labels for enterprises:

   1. Assault on the counterfeit products of criminals, attaching anti-counterfeiting labels can increase the cost and difficulty of counterfeiters, regain the market occupied by counterfeit products, expand the sales volume, and increase the company's profit.

  2. Effectively reduce the negative impact of counterfeit products on the company, maintain the company's image and reputation, enhance consumers' determination to purchase products, and increase consumers' brand reputation.

  3. Putting anti-counterfeiting labels on products can reduce the company's expenditure on counterfeiting and reduce the waste of manpower and material resources. Anti-counterfeiting is no longer a company’s independent approach. Every consumer is an expert in anti-counterfeiting, and is a resolute anti-counterfeiting team member who safeguards the company's and their own interests and can do more with less.

  4. It can play a very good advertising effect to increase the company's reputation.

  5. When product companies use anti-counterfeiting labels, they can improve the level of their products. When using the product, they can give consumers a guarantee, and consumers can purchase with more peace of mind when purchasing .

  6. When using anti-counterfeiting labels, you can save costs. The cost of each anti-counterfeiting label is appropriately low. The acquisition of anti-counterfeiting labels can bring many advantages to the company’s products. Anti-counterfeiting labels are an accurate choice .

   2. Anti-counterfeiting labels bring product advantages:

  1. Combat counterfeit products: Sometimes a good product is made with a higher reputation, and some profiteering merchants make fake products, but its quality is not as good as the genuine product. This also depends on the situation. Appearance will definitely affect the consumer's reputation for the item, so adding an anti-counterfeiting label to the product can also effectively deter counterfeit merchants from being difficult to copy in batches.

  2. Strengthen consumers' desire to buy: Some buyers think that a product has no anti-counterfeiting mark, which means that the item is irregular and standard, and it is difficult to arouse consumers' desire to buy. Making an anti-counterfeiting label for a product can not only promote the product level, but also strengthen the brand's image.

  3. System processing of products: The use of anti-counterfeiting labels to add its own barcode number to each product is more conducive to the company's systematic and batch processing of the entire process of products from production to sale.

  4. Strengthen market competitiveness: Any item without anti-counterfeiting labels will inevitably encounter obstacles in expanding the market. Products with anti-counterfeiting labels are the dominant market and can continue to be competitive.

   In summary, it is an introduction to the advantages that anti-counterfeiting labels bring to products and enterprises. I hope it will be helpful to everyone; if you want to learn more about anti-counterfeiting labels, or customize anti-counterfeiting labels, you can come Consult us, our Shanghai Shangyuan Anti-counterfeiting is an anti-counterfeiting technology company established with the technical support of Shanghai Jiaotong University. The company takes anti-counterfeiting labels, QR code anti-counterfeiting labels, laser anti-counterfeiting labels, anti-fleeing goods management systems, and traceability systems as the core to provide users with Anti-counterfeiting label production and printing, anti-counterfeiting system development, etc. The company is a high-tech company with blockchain anti-counterfeiting and blockchain traceability as its advantageous industrial projects.

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