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Do you know the role of laser anti-counterfeiting labels?

by:LG Printing     2021-04-07
The laser anti-counterfeiting label actually has many names. It can be called laser anti-counterfeiting or laser holographic anti-counterfeiting. Do you think it is suddenly a bit special? A small label has many names, but the meanings are similar. I think The types of laser anti-counterfeiting labels are usually divided into digital anti-counterfeiting and non-digital anti-counterfeiting; as well as disposable trademarks and persistent trademarks, these are not the same, so ah, let's take a closer look at its function, in the end A little label, how did it do it.

   First of all, there are many types of laser anti-counterfeiting labels, probably as follows:

  (1) Laser uncovered words: after this kind of anti-counterfeiting mark is torn off the mark, there are still invisible laser pictures and colors, and pictures or texts can be left, and the contents of the left can be specified.

  (2) Laser three-dimensional three-dimensional: This kind of anti-counterfeiting mark needs to be based on 1:1 model micro-engraving, which has a strong sense of three-dimensional space.

  (3) Laser dynamic anti-counterfeiting: This kind of anti-counterfeiting marks follow visual changes, and the pictures in the marks will have beautiful dynamic effects, which are more attractive.

  (4) Laser label with digital anti-counterfeiting: Consumers can check the authenticity of the WeChat official account or the official website via telephone.

  (5) Laser label without digital anti-counterfeiting: refers to the general laser holographic anti-counterfeiting label.

  (6) One-time laser holographic anti-counterfeiting label: The trademark cannot be reused because the picture will be damaged.

  (7) Laser holographic anti-counterfeiting label: The trademark can be reused, and the picture will not be damaged.

  Secondly, he has many functions, divided into the following points:

  1. Fighting counterfeiting and supporting excellent products and protecting famous and high-quality products: resolutely crack down on counterfeit and shoddy products, thereby protecting qualified products, so as to reassure consumers and satisfy enterprises.

  2. Prevention of financial fraud: It is to affix anti-counterfeiting signs on goods or packaging, including laser holography, printing anti-counterfeiting, nuclear micro-hole anti-counterfeiting, marking distribution anti-counterfeiting, digital anti-counterfeiting, etc. Generally, multiple comprehensive anti-counterfeiting is used, and the number representing the identity on the product can be entered by telephone, mobile phone, etc., and the authenticity can be known from the returned information. Can reduce the degree of consumer deception.

  3. Maintaining market balance: that is, the use of material characteristics in commodities or packaging, the use of non-transferable duplication of materials, and the use of recording and inspection of material characteristics to achieve the accuracy of use. Effectively maintain the market balance.

   Then, its advantages are divided into the following points:

  1. Diversity of technology types: It can include laser color holograms, 3D optical miniature backgrounds, dot matrix lithography dynamic light, colorful optical random interference, dual-channel effects and other technologies.

  2. The extensibility of laser technology is strong: the laser effect pattern can be hot stamped on different materials, not limited to plastic film, through the action of heat and pressure, the holographic effect is integrated with the substrate.

   In fact, the use of laser anti-counterfeiting labels is really very wide. You can often see its footprints on digital products and cosmetics, because its surface can be made of corporate information, and LOGO, and it can also be made Images or various patterns are more attractive to consumers, and its price is relatively affordable, so the wide range of applications makes the public more deeply impressed by it. Having said so much, do you all understand? Class representatives, remember to use a small book with a laser anti-counterfeit label to record.

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