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Do you know the importance of drug traceability system?

by:LG Printing     2021-04-04
In daily life, are you all familiar with anti-counterfeiting label' target='_blank'>labels? The functions that anti-counterfeiting labels can achieve are not only anti-counterfeiting. A single label cannot achieve anti-counterfeiting. It depends on the system to achieve anti-counterfeiting. A stable system is a big plus for anti-counterfeiting labels. Just like the medicines that we all care about, medicines are used to treat diseases, so consumers should be cautious in their choices. After adding the anti-counterfeiting system, that is, the traceability system, this worry can be dispelled. With the traceability system, we can scan the QR code to see the production process of the medicine and whether the transportation has been stolen or exchanged. At a glance, what exactly is a drug traceability system? Next, the editor will introduce to you drug traceability.

  In the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, the anti-counterfeiting and traceability system of one-object one-code technology has natural application value. From raw material procurement to product sales, all nodes can be recorded and tracked throughout the entire process, from supplier data, production quality data, The four databases from circulation data to consumer data are all first-hand raw data. Only when traceability is achieved can the rights and interests of consumers be protected from the source. The traceability of anti-counterfeiting drugs is of urgency. The purpose of the drug traceability system is to effectively realize anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling of drugs. Through the drug traceability system, pharmaceutical companies should be able to achieve channel control and unified management of people, goods, and warehouses. The drug traceability system assigns the only electronic supervision code for each drug, which appears in the form of a two-dimensional code, and realizes the management of one item and one code.

  Drug traceability system mainly has the following three aspects:

  1. Delivery scan: match the medicine with the two-dimensional code through the medicine traceability system to establish the corresponding relationship between the medicine, the person and the warehouse.

  2. Delivery tracking: Pharmaceutical companies or pharmaceutical manufacturers can track the whereabouts of drugs in real time based on the QR code.

  3. The interests of agents at all levels are related to each other: every time there is a pirate of goods or other counterfeit and shoddy behaviors, it will be jointly brought to the higher or lower level agents to bear the responsibility, forming a mutual supervision and standardization between the agents relationship.

  The process that can be realized by the drug traceability system is as follows:

  1. Correspond between the electronic supervision code and the dynamic information of drug production, circulation, consumption and other dynamic information and collect it in the system database in real time. Through the network covering various regions, it can support the tens of trillions of millions of companies A large database of each drug can store and query detailed information about the drug production of the supported companies.

  2. Realize quality supervision from the source (that is, the production link), establish electronic records of drug traceability system for drugs, track and trace drugs circulating in the market, and can also ask for certificates, real-time purchase inspection and acceptance, and establishment of purchases and sales. Electronic ledger and defective drug recalls provide information technology guarantee.

  3. Manufacturers and agents can quickly find the market circulation of drugs through the drug traceability system, master their logistics information, protect the legitimate rights and interests of pharmaceutical companies, and achieve brand promotion.

   The production of medicines is a matter for the benefit of the general public, but the research and development of anti-counterfeiting labels is also a matter for the benefit of the general public. After the strong combination of the two, consumers will be completely relieved when buying, and those counterfeit The person cannot be counterfeiting, even if it is counterfeited, it can be traced to him through the traceability system and unearthed, is it very powerful? Therefore, the editor of Shanghai Shangyuan recommends that while affixing anti-counterfeiting labels to your products, please also add a traceability system. This is not only a guarantee for the enterprise, but also for the consumer. It is a multi-tasking thing. The above is Shanghai. Editor Shang Yuan, the drug traceability system introduced to you, I hope it will be helpful to you.

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