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Do you know the identification of anti-counterfeiting labels with disappearing drips?

by:LG Printing     2021-04-08
With the continuous advancement of science and technology, the anti-counterfeiting industry is also constantly innovating. Some time ago, the editor came into contact with a special anti-counterfeiting label, which is the anti-counterfeiting label of dripping disappearing. From the literal meaning, we understand that it is to drip on the label. You can know the true and false with a drop of water. Don’t you think the principle of this label is familiar? Have you seen it there? That's right, when we are watching costume dramas, we use encryption technology when transferring important secret documents, and this is one of them. The anti-counterfeiting industry has cleverly applied this concept to the anti-counterfeiting label, and it has really been realized. It is really amazing. Next, let the editor introduce to you the drip-disappearing anti-counterfeiting label and how to identify it.

   First of all, let’s understand the principle of the disappearance of dripping water: This kind of anti-counterfeiting technology is mixed with substances that can produce biochemical reactions. You can first use this additive on packaging products and printed products to be anti-counterfeit. Visible marks, and then select chemical reagents in a targeted manner according to the formula. When using micro-heating, wetting, rubbing and other methods, the text or pattern will be revealed. Due to the complex chemical composition of the additive, it is very difficult to counterfeit. Some secret documents and important tickets have adopted this anti-counterfeiting technology.

  Secondly, there are the following points to identify the anti-counterfeiting label of the disappearance of dripping water:

  1. Use the micro-holes formed by the ion and nanometers in the pattern for anti-counterfeiting identification. Observe the anti-counterfeiting technology anti-counterfeiting mark with a thickness of more than ten meters and made of nano materials under the academic microscope, and the anti-counterfeiting technology can be observed The logo pattern part is composed of a large number of micron-sized pores. The pore diameter and pore density of these micropores can be changed according to the requirements of users, that is, different manufacturers can set their own pore diameter and pore density, the pore type of the micropores is cylindrical, and the pore distribution is random. The anti-counterfeiting signs produced by China Ion Accelerator are distributed randomly at a certain discrete angle in each cylindrical channel. The imitation of the latter anti-counterfeiting signs is almost impossible. The above method can also be used to analyze the patterns with pictures and analyzers. Part of the pore size and pore density are identified.

  2. Use the permeability of micro-channels for anti-counterfeiting identification. Use water, wine and other liquids to apply the dripping vanishing technology anti-counterfeiting logo pattern. Because the holes are filled with liquid, the optical structure of the surface layer changes, and the pattern becomes lighter and disappears gradually. If there is a color pattern printed on the back of the pattern, the color pattern on the back of the pattern will change. Once the liquid evaporates, the pattern returns to its original shape, and the process of pattern disappearing to recovery is obvious, about 30 seconds to 60 seconds. Primary products that have not undergone nano-processing disappear slowly and cannot be combined with other anti-counterfeiting technologies.

  3. Use a high-power magnifying glass for anti-counterfeiting identification. Use a 120-fold magnifying glass to carefully observe the pattern part of the anti-counterfeiting mark, and you can see that the pattern is composed of irregular dots.

   Isn't the anti-counterfeiting label with disappearing dripping water magical? In fact, I think the quicker way to identify it is to put a drop of water on the label. The identification method of the anti-counterfeiting label of disappearing dripping type is very simple, which is interesting to increase the interaction with consumers. At the same time, its production process is also very complicated, and generally no one imitates it. The editor refers to the anti-counterfeiting label with disappearance of dripping water as a label with magic, and dripping water can distinguish the true from the fake. Is it very similar to magic? The above is the anti-counterfeiting label that the editor introduced to you. I hope it will be helpful to you.

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