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Do you know the fragile paper anti-counterfeiting label?

by:LG Printing     2021-04-18
Fragile paper anti-counterfeiting label: It has the characteristics of easy shrinkage, and the processor should print it immediately after purchasing the material, and it is not suitable for long-term storage; when printing, the paper should be slowed down when the surface material shrinks or the edge overflows. Speed u200bu200bto avoid excessive peeling force, causing material edges to break and tear edges. The back is coated with a special strong adhesive, with silicon-coated maintenance as the base paper.

   Many people who buy some small items can see such a self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting mark on the seal. This kind of label cannot be opened by hand. It can only be opened with a nail or a razor, so that it will not be opened after opening. It will be intact again, it is impossible to recover. Fragile labels are divided into two types, thin-bottomed paper and thick-bottomed paper, according to the different shading paper.

   One, the basic elements of fragile paper anti-counterfeiting label design

  1. In the limited company space, include all paragraphs of text,

  2. Contains various text and image features designed to avoid falsification,

  3. Use a certain number of processes in a narrow space,

  4. Reduce the difficulty of production and management caused by the use of anti-counterfeiting marks, and even the cost of principal.

  二. Principles and Features

  1. Uniqueness: Any logo is unique and can only be used in the whole process at one time, and counterfeiters cannot be reused.

  2. Simplicity: The user can enter the identification code through the phone anytime and anywhere, and the computer system will automatically identify it. It only takes tens of seconds to understand the flow of the goods.

  3. Uniformity: It can be used in any kind of commodities, using the traversed telephone network to establish a nationwide fighting network for unified management.

  4. Extensibility: In addition to product anti-counterfeiting and related services, it can also play a role in online marketing, ticket management and other aspects. Realize technology's anti-counterfeiting and transferability.

  三. Anti-counterfeiting and fragile paper anti-counterfeiting label should comply with the rules of design:

  1. Even if it is copied, you can see a special set of more different special juice, fragile paper anti-counterfeiting mark is easy to use.

  2. Adopt production methods that are difficult to fake and precious capital injection.

  3. Use the methods that customers have already mastered or are easy to train to distinguish between true and false to continuously improve the anti-counterfeiting design.

   Four. It is widely used in the quality assurance of mobile phones, telephones, computer accessories, automobile electrical appliances, alcohol, medicines, food, cosmetics, performing arts tickets, etc., and can also be used in manufacturers to prevent theft and tamper-proofing of products. The quality of the products under warranty is characterized by high prices. , The quality assurance responsibility is large, and the accuracy of the quality assurance date is required. Therefore, the quality of the fragile sticker is directly related to the quality of the after-sales service of the product and the economic benefits of the merchant. The use of this anti-counterfeiting material can effectively avoid various losses and disputes.

   The application of anti-counterfeiting marks can not only have a greater impact on the products, but also can give users a sense of prevention of their own rights and interests, and carry out strong investigations on those inferior products, even if the user cannot pass the appearance of the product, The packaging is used to distinguish whether it is real or fake, but only by remembering this anti-counterfeiting mark, customers can be deceived greatly. Conducive to product marketing and promotion. When the company authorizes an anti-counterfeiting company to design a label, it can scan the QR code on the label, link it to the company’s official website or mall, or add the company’s sales call. These have a good promotion effect on corporate brand products.

   The cost of these anti-counterfeiting labels is not high, the tensile strength is low, they are very easy to break, shrink and have certain requirements for temperature storage. It is not suitable for long-term storage, and slow down the paper feeding speed to avoid excessive peeling force, which may cause tearing of the edge of the material.
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