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Do you know the anti-counterfeit label printing technology?

by:LG Printing     2021-04-02
Anti-counterfeiting labels are often seen by all of us, but do you know all about the materials of anti-counterfeiting labels? Maybe you would say stickers. Yes, self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting labels are indeed more common in our daily lives, because they are widely used and their anti-counterfeiting performance is also very good. So, do you know what its printing technologies are? Do you know all this? In fact, the editor didn't know it at first, but driven by curiosity, the editor went to check some information and sorted it out for you. Remember to read it carefully.

  Common printing technology for self-adhesive:

  1. Plano-convex printing and multi-process printing:

   is generally a large-scale graphic used for interior decoration. For some more demanding and disorderly printed products, it is also possible to use multiple process processes such as hand bumps, bumps, bumps, and leaks. Then, the more messy the packaging and printing process, the more difficult the packaging and printing, the better the anti-counterfeiting effect.

  2. Multi-color serial printing:

  Multi-color serial printing is also called serial color packaging printing. Generally, letterpress printing is used for packaging printing. This is based on the requirements of the printed product. After placing the baffle in the ink tank, put it in a different partition. Into a variety of color printing inks. Under the action of the ink string, the adjacent printing inks are mixed and then transferred to the printing plate. With this printing technology, a variety of colors can be printed at one time, and the industrial base is well connected. Because it is difficult to see the placement distance of the ink tank baffle from the printed product, it can play a role in anti-counterfeiting. If this technology is used in large-scale shading packaging printing, its anti-counterfeiting effect will be even better.

  3. Gravure technology:

   means that the upper part of the printing plate is protruding, and the printing ink of the printed text is also protruding. The line frame of the text is clear and organized, and it will feel when you touch it. This printing technology not only has a maintenance effect on the paper type, but also has an anti-counterfeiting function. Securities generally use gravure printing technology. The types of gravure printing are divided into two categories according to the plate-making method: engraving intaglio (technical engraving intaglio, mechanical equipment engraving intaglio), and etching intaglio. The technique of engraving and gravure printing has good anti-counterfeiting effect. Linked with anti-counterfeiting ink technology. Some packaging and printing anti-counterfeiting inks have large color paste particles and require an excessively thick ink layer, while gravure printing has a strong sense of layering. The connection between the two will have double-layer anti-counterfeiting and interior decoration effects. For example, the application of fluorescent ink in gravure printing not only guarantees the micro convexity of gravure printing, but also guarantees the application requirements of fluorescent ink, and the anti-counterfeiting functions of the two tips are also guaranteed.

  4. Laser holographic retina packaging printing:

  Laser holographic retina packaging printing uses laser holographic photography to make a template in a freeze-proof room, and then transfer the pattern to a certain type of plasmid carrier through pressure and pressure. Under the direct illumination of a 45-degree linear light source, its products can produce a hazy star-like effect, and the painting has a strong sense of layering, which is very popular among consumers. Currently, cold press coating and direct blanching techniques are generally used.

   The above is the editor's introduction to the printing of self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting labels. Are you all clear now? Because self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting labels are really very common in our lives, if you don't understand it at all, is it a bit unreasonable? But with the editor, it's different. The editor will introduce you more knowledge.

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