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Do you know qr code traceability system? And what are the main functions and role?

by:LG Printing     2021-02-09
Now many fake and inferior products on the market, in order to effectively combat counterfeit, companies are using qr code traceability system, it can make the enterprise clear each product each circulation, establish and maintain the brand image, making production circulation transparent, brought more security and trust to consumers, form a virtuous cycle. May know a lot of people are not particularly qr code traceability system, then we can learn together. < br / >

a, what is a qr code source: < br / >
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qr code be traced through to the qr code for each product to establish a single encoding information, like the id of the product, in the entire product chain, from generation to complete all functions, until the destruction of the code is always the same. This unique qr code traced, records the product raw material supply information, production generates all of the information, as well as warehousing, transportation, sales, users, after all information and so on of the total life cycle.

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2, qr code traceability features and main functions: < br / >
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1. Information traceability: qr code, for the product code, the code is unique, is the product of the id card number for life, through the number, the product all information in the production process for docking and binding, form a data link, support each other, each other. Product information can be traced from the terminal to the starting end all relevant information.

  2. Real and effective information: after sweeping code, you can see the picture of the product, production date, production enterprise, the content of the product inspection report and so on with a particular information, confirm the authenticity of the product information.

  3. Display and product display of enterprise: to show the product not only, also show production enterprise, enterprise introduction, enterprise qualification certificate, business capacity and strength etc. , and the contact way of the enterprise, after-sales service policy, etc. Also show other enterprise products, convenient for the user choice and understand.

  4. Prevent the transregional: different regions, different dealers product sales strategy, there are differences between the market price, there are differences between the service, in order to prevent the transregional, for different supply system should be kept separate, so some qr code traceability system, dealers and sales area, can see the goods belong to exchange rules, etc.

  5. Processing production information traceability: agricultural, fisheries, livestock breeding industry production process, there are some strict rules, such as epidemic prevention, care, pesticide use and so on, have strict rules industry, traceability information must contain each link operation record of planting, breeding, processing, inspection and quarantine certificate, etc. , have detailed records.

  6. Postpartum and after-sales service system: for industrial products, medical equipment, electronic products, household appliances, electrical and mechanical equipment, complete sets of equipment and other products after-sales service system, through the qr code, by scanning the qr code, traced through the user's phone activation product warranty card, establish contact customer directly network, the user submits the work order, the background to arrange maintenance personnel door to door, customer confirmed that the result of the maintenance system background, confirmed that the result of the maintenance maintenance function complete, the maintenance records. Complete after-sales service system, the use of qr code traceability system of after-sales service, in product maintenance, consumables replacement, etc. , can save a lot of for the enterprise human resources and operating costs.

  7. Marketing function: integral in gifts, sweep the ticket, and code get red envelopes, sweep yards to participate in activities, etc. , can all be traced back qr code, the display of the qr code, there are also a key function of choose and buy. Display of the enterprise, industrial base, logistics system and so on, is a quadratic function of marketing.

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