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Digital Hot Foil Stamping

by:LG Printing     2020-09-25

Typically, digital foil drives are both servo or stepper motor sort. Both of these drives are controlled by a pc and software program.

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The software program programming is what permits the sensor and foil drive to interface in such a means as to compensate for image spacing errors on the foil. Acceleration management and 'seam ignore' options are two further options which ought to be included within the foil drive software program.

Working with approved prime-degree players, our world community will at all times be at your tailored service earlier than & after gross sales, V.A.S as nicely. • Step motor for material loading, repeatable stamping interval to cut back the waste material. The proven high quality leads the most banking card producers from China are utilizing this machine instead of foreign brands now. More abroad card factories are benefitting from it.

This is used to boost the appears of the products in addition to anti faux mechanishm. can be transferred to a wide variety of materials, similar to paper, artificial leather, cloth, iron, and plastic. Holograms/OVDs with repeating motifs are notably suited to purposes in which the hologram motif doesn't all the time should be in the identical place. That includes printed materials with bleed-edge hologram stripes.

Any hologram project needs the previous growth of the grasp. The most traditional is utilizing 2 or 3 layers, known as 2D/3D major, or the Dot-matrix for instances that need especially excessive visual safety. It works like a holographic movie and prints with a thermal system, however not like holographic movie, it is customizable. Many businesses are adding security measures to their ID playing cards to help increase safety of their enterprise and prevent their cards from being duplicated. With Pantec iPlace-Technology for highly accurate placement of Holograms concentric hologram that attract and fascinate by the perfection of the location you reach a brand new degree of high quality.

All tasks must have a customized quote number to proceed. Foil stampers usually focus on the electronics when they detect registration issues. However, mechanical factors are a common cause of registration inaccuracy. Gear belts and kit belt pulleys, which connect the servo/stepper motor to the foil draw system, should be checked to make sure that they are secured and correctly adjusted. A free set screw or gear belt will have an effect on registration accuracy.

Security holograms with innovative Nanocrypt® know-how from advast suisse contain security measures to banknote normal that assure full counterfeit protection. The first step is making the unique hologram image, known as Master hologram. The course of needs special optical gear, which data authentic image onto glass plate with photo-resist.

Self-adhesive bands with VOID protection, hologram bands and different rolled merchandise. Non-residual adhesive tapes, seals and stickers for cell phone cameras; sealing of and safety towards unauthorized opening of documents or products or prevention in opposition to cell phone image taking at locations where it is restricted. Two-layer hologram security seals combining two layers of graphics one on prime of the opposite producing a motive that could be very tough to counterfeit while providing a compelling visible effect. When combined with numbering, the security safety is robust. RSID Solutionsaims to be a world class supplier from China on cards manufacturing, utility and ID solutions!
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