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Digital anti-counterfeiting label production process

by:LG Printing     2021-04-10
Now we should know what an anti-counterfeiting label is and the role of the anti-counterfeiting label we often use. Anti-counterfeiting labels are also produced by professional anti-counterfeiting companies or anti-counterfeiting printing factories. However, there are many types of anti-counterfeiting labels. Their printing technology is also different, but they are also characterized by strong anti-counterfeiting capabilities. Do we know the production process? Let us learn the process of making digital security labels with the security editor.

  1. The production process of digital anti-counterfeiting labels

  1. Shape: According to the label quantity, standard and production requirements of the commodity merchant, cut into suitable rubber materials; according to the printing requirements, the film can be printed together, and it can also be used for printing. The shape of the digital anti-counterfeiting label is generally square, rectangular, round, oval, and can also be designed into various shapes according to customer requirements;

  2. Label design: Generally speaking, digital anti-counterfeiting labels include the following aspects: logo, telephone, address, etc. According to customer needs, add various digital anti-counterfeiting labels anti-counterfeiting information, the common ones are micro-text, information encryption , Anti-counterfeiting line shadow, anti-counterfeiting decoding, fluorescence, heating color change, dripping effect, etc., at the same time, add a digital anti-counterfeiting label anti-counterfeiting system; printing equipment suitable for label printing includes a single color machine, a two-color machine, a four-color machine, Five-color machines, etc., can choose different printing equipment according to commodity merchants' requirements for color and printing quality.

  3. Printing: After the film is printed, bring it back to the factory. Rinse the film to remove the dust and fingerprints left on the film when you hold it. After washing, start printing on the machine. After the machine is put into use, perform color matching and color teaching until the color value of the label exactly matches the color of the design draft or physical sample. After printing, proceed to the encoding process. This code is one of the basic processes for the production of digital anti-counterfeiting labels, with high quality requirements. Mark the code generated by the anti-counterfeiting system on the corresponding label, so that each label has a unique code, and requires no duplication or omission.

  4. Print: Print. Start to spray the code on the digital anti-counterfeiting label with an inkjet printer; after the coding is completed, a special person will select it, and mark the unsprayed, unfinished or unsprayed ones with a marker; if there are customers who need to cover the film here , Can be done here;

  5. Scrape silver by silk screen: After the code is selected, carry out the screening work. The screen can be used to scratch silver and black out. If guests need to warm up and change colors, or the dripping effect disappears, they can do it here. The impermeable printing plate is the dark code under the impermeable printing plate layer. Usually, this process is a screen printing process, including technical screen printing and active screen printing. Now most of the letterpress screen printing, and some still need to be printed on the scratch-printed silver.

  6. Die-cutting and waste discharge: Die-cutting is carried out after cutting. At this time, the selection and subsidy of digital anti-counterfeiting labels will be carried out. In the die-cutting process, pick out the bad digital anti-counterfeiting labels and incorrectly cut labels on the film;

  7. Quality inspection: After the label is printed, every label must be inspected. During the production process, we need to check the digital anti-counterfeiting labels. We need to fill in the digital anti-counterfeiting label again, arrange it before packaging, and then notify the courier company to pick up the goods and send it to the customer, so that the digital anti-counterfeiting label is completed.

  The production process of digital anti-counterfeiting label is the above production process. Digital anti-counterfeiting is to establish a unique code for each individual's network product, print the finished code of the two-dimensional anti-counterfeiting label, and store the code in the core database. At the same time, it establishes a short message, telephone, network query and other identification networks. When consumers purchase products with digital anti-counterfeiting QR code anti-counterfeiting labels, they only need to dial the query phone or log in to the query website and enter the QR code on the product to know the authenticity of the product.

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