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Development Trend of anti-counterfeiting technology for drug packaging

by:LG Printing     2020-01-14
In various drug packaging anti-counterfeiting printing technologies, each technology has its anti-counterfeiting characteristics, which can protect products from counterfeiting and counterfeiting within a range, however, any anti-counterfeiting technology has its relative limitations. (1)Digital anti-counterfeiting technology. Digital anti-counterfeiting technology is the product of the combination of printing technology, database and communication technology. It is often applied to anti-counterfeiting packaging of drugs in the form of labels. Its advantage is low production cost. However, its obvious disadvantages are low Query rate and high comprehensive anti-counterfeiting cost. (2)Ink anti-counterfeiting technology. Ink anti-counterfeiting technology is a material anti-counterfeiting technology that uses special ink with anti-counterfeiting secrets to print packaging or signs. At present, the application technology is relatively mature, it has the characteristics of easy realization, no increase in printing cost, update method, etc. , and can effectively improve the threshold of fraud. But with the anti-counterfeiting ink market
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