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Detailed explanation of fragile paper anti-counterfeiting label information

by:LG Printing     2021-03-14
The current market environment is chaotic, but counterfeiting continues one after another, and all walks of life are using anti-counterfeiting products to customize. Among many anti-counterfeiting products, anti-counterfeiting labels are commonly used in the form of anti-counterfeiting labels and stickers, and labels with independent functions. Anti-counterfeiting labels are large. From comprehensive anti-counterfeiting stickers with high anti-counterfeiting, to small single-function waterproof warning mobile phone warranty labels, all have certain functions such as anti-counterfeiting, anti-removal, and management.

  The simple paper anti-counterfeiting label is an important kind of non-dry label. The breaking strength of its material is much lower than the bonding ability, and it cannot be completely peeled off after bonding and cannot be reused. The self-adhesive surface material that is easy to be shredded paper is easy to be shredded after printing, modeling and other processes. Labels or easy to shred stickers are easily shredded. Product quality assurance is also called stickers, which are mainly regular quality. Assurance means, it is difficult to accurately guarantee the quality of the usual commodity identification methods.

  1. Design elements of anti-counterfeiting labels

   contains all the text in a limited space,

  ②Includes features of various text and images designed for anti-counterfeiting

  ③Use the process as much as possible in a small space

  ④Reduce the difficulty of production and management caused by customers using anti-counterfeiting labels, as well as cost expenditures.

  2. Functional design of anti-counterfeiting labels

  The label is not a simple stacking of several different technologies and design methods, but a design team of experts in raw materials, anti-counterfeiting technology, printing technology, ink and other aspects. Although counterfeiting cannot be prevented, if high technology is used to promote knowledge of identifying counterfeit products to consumers, it will have the effect of combating counterfeiting.

  Anti-counterfeiting labels need to comply with certain design principles:

  ①Choose a special design that can see obvious differences even if it is copied,

  ②Difficult to forge, expensive production method with investment

  ③ Make flexible use of anti-counterfeiting measures that consumers already know or are easy to learn.

  application industry

   is widely used in mobile phones, automobiles, electrical appliances, alcohol, medicines, food, cosmetics, performing arts tickets and other high-priced quality can also be applied to department store goods anti-theft exchange anti-tampering. The characteristics of high-quality goods are high price, high quality, and time for quality responsibility The accuracy requirements are high. Therefore, the quality of the flap is directly related to the quality of the product's after-sales service and the economic benefits of the store. This anti-counterfeiting effect avoids various losses and disputes of the materials used.

  Easily shredded paper anti-counterfeiting label, as a special process anti-counterfeiting material, has low tensile strength, easy breakage, strong shrinkage, and has certain requirements for temperature, humidity and storage period. The surface material of the label that is not easy to dry glue with shredded paper is easy to shrink. Therefore, the industrial and commercial + material should be printed immediately after purchase and cannot be stored for a long time; when the surface material shrinks and the edges flow out during printing, the paper should be slowed down appropriately Speed u200bu200bto avoid the edge of the material from breaking and cracking due to excessive peeling force.

   The above content is the fragile paper anti-counterfeiting label information we know today. Product companies can also express their own needs when choosing anti-counterfeiting labels, and anti-counterfeiting companies will also design according to customer needs and so on. Customized anti-counterfeiting labels, to learn more about anti-counterfeiting, welcome to consult: 400-998-0111. Shangyuan Anti-counterfeiting is at your service!

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