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Customized anti-counterfeiting labels, the price is less than a penny

by:LG Printing     2021-04-01
With the development of the market economy, there are more and more fake and inferior goods on the market. The label' target='_blank'>anti-counterfeiting industry has entered a rising period, and the number of anti-counterfeiting companies has soared. But the status quo of the industry is that only a small number of qualified companies. Product companies should carefully choose anti-counterfeiting companies when making anti-counterfeiting labels, so as not to accidentally step into the trap of 1 cent of anti-counterfeiting labels.

   On the 12th, open the online shopping platform at will, type in the search engine; anti-counterfeiting label, there are 10,000 search results. The reporter will open an online shop selling anti-counterfeiting labels. The size and design of the anti-counterfeiting labels in the store are not only determined by the company's needs, but also by laser and Internet searches for possible anti-counterfeiting standards.

  ;Hello, our anti-counterfeiting label anti-counterfeiting technology has passed the customs, the price is cheap, and the more you buy, the cheaper it is. According to the customer service of the online store, starting with 500 tickets, there is no upper limit, 100 yuan for 10,000 tickets and 120 yuan for 20,000 tickets. 2 Calculate the sum of ten thousand, the price of each is 0.006 yuan, the price of each is not a cent. In addition, in addition to travel anti-counterfeiting labels, customer service staff can also provide anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting services such as anti-counterfeiting labels, warm-fire anti-counterfeiting, jade water anti-counterfeiting, fluorescent anti-counterfeiting and other popular anti-counterfeiting technology services according to customer needs.

   In addition to the low price, the reporter conducted a survey and the results showed that when consumers buy anti-counterfeiting labels, the customer is a business license and registered trademark certificate requirements are very few. of. In other words, the seller sells anti-counterfeiting labels at a low price without confirming the identity of the consumer. Behind the lack of supervision and free transactions, there is bound to be the fun of fakes. The anti-counterfeiting labels that were once trustworthy are now nothing more than a dead letter.

   During the interview, the reporter learned that if the anti-counterfeit label is authentic, the anti-counterfeit label is no longer true for free trade. Most consumers believe that anti-counterfeiting labels can be forged, but they cannot scan QR codes. As long as the QR code is scanned, the authenticity can be distinguished. This idea has made many consumers deceived. The fact itself, the anti-counterfeiting effect of the QR code, is only the information recorded by a symbol, recording the link address used, but if the QR code of the link URL of the fraudster is set to the real website in advance, if the consumer is really transliterated, scan the other party's shopping The website fell into a trap.

   Anti-counterfeiting labels are chaotic, what should the industry and commerce departments do? The staff of the Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce reminded businesses that counterfeit product labels have false individual behaviors and fraudulent behaviors on their own corporate products, but they are only aimed at consumers. When the industry and commerce department doubts whether it is an authenticated product, it must look at these anti-counterfeiting labels. The lack of legislation and directors, but difficult issues, etc., in the case of various inquiries about the qualifications of the website, it is easy to enter the commercial operation to sell fake accomplices and deceive customers.

  ; The new situation of counterfeit and inferior means that commodity manufacturers need to track has been improved, anti-counterfeiting technology has been improved, and the technical threshold of operation difficulty and counterfeiting cost have been increased. The staff of the City Administration for Industry and Commerce suggested.

   In addition, the 'Measures for the Supervision and Administration of Counterfeit Products' stipulates that anti-counterfeiting technology is a counterfeit-proof technology product that is forged by manufacturing enterprises or accepting others' entrustment. Anti-counterfeiting technical services, providing customers with anti-counterfeiting technology manufacturing company entrustment, I am afraid that you must first provide a copy of the business license or the name and model of the product, including the relevant certification materials, and the inspection of the product's quality inspection agency report approved by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine , The printing of trademarks with anti-counterfeiting signs, the quality of the trademark certification certificate issued by the quality signs and the need to prove.

   The above content is the label information as we know it today. Product companies can also express their own needs when choosing anti-counterfeiting labels, and anti-counterfeiting companies will also design according to customer needs and so on. Customized anti-counterfeiting labels, to learn more about anti-counterfeiting, welcome to consult: 400-998-0111. Shangyuan Anti-counterfeiting is at your service!

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