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Creating Quality, High Resolution Labels

by:LG Printing     2020-05-21
Understanding photography and graphics in general is a lot more intricate than I thought before coming across the knowledge of quality of resolution of photos. Basically, high-resolution is what you always want. When I was interning for a music magazine, I often had to collect press pictures of artists from their public relations specialist. In my e-mails I had to specify 'Hi-Res' in order to get quality pictures. The same goes for labels, though. Modern marketing techniques are able to give consumer's labels that stand out and are made from quality. It's hard to believe that people are choosing to come out with their own products and start their own businesses in today's economic state. But I admire their courage because people are always going to be consumers; business owners see that. Anyways, they have to have the proper mindset too. When making new products, they have to have labels that appeal to customers, yet flow with their product. Such a tricky concept, marketing. Why not start with a prototype? This will give you an idea of what consumer's will see. It's easier to modify and make corrections to a prototype than reproducing hundreds of new labels. Do you think major labels like Nike and Kellogg's got it right the first time with their marketing scheme? Probably not. Labels and products are always evolving to society and culture. How do you know it's good quality, though? First of all, the graphics won't be pixilated. They would be smooth. The colors will pop, almost as if real life. High-res is life-like, meaning it's like Photoshop wasn't used. Side note: both labels and cartons have the capability to be designed under the same roof. That means once you have perfected your label, you can easily submit how many cartons you'll need and process your order in one visit. Another factor in creating quality labels is the printer itself. If you have an old printer, the quality on the page is going to reflect that. There are printers available specifically for labels and graphics. Flexographic label printing always makes quality prints. Obviously, if any labeling company knows better they own such a machine. In addition, they can produce multiple sheets at once. Generally the process to creating labels starts on paper, computer, to the printer. Computer graphic programs, like Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign, create your life-like images on screen before sending them to the printer. This type of prototype conveys your ideas and corrects them before completing the final product.
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