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Common anti-counterfeit labels in life

by:LG Printing     2021-04-06
Anti-counterfeiting labels can be seen everywhere in life. You see, bananas and apples will be affixed with an anti-counterfeiting label. Even Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs have started to put an anti-counterfeiting label two years ago! Another thing that is closely related to our young people is that many people who buy shoes now look for the anti-counterfeiting label. Therefore, anti-counterfeiting labels are now slowly infiltrating our lives. Now let us take a look at the common anti-counterfeiting labels in our lives!

   One, QR code anti-counterfeiting label

  1. Encrypted QR codes are low cost and easy to implement: QR codes can be seen offline and online, easy to implement, and other QR codes are low cost

  2. Encrypted two-dimensional code has a large amount of information and strong error correction ability: the production of encrypted two-dimensional code has natural advantages in data collection and data transmission. First of all, the storage capacity of the two-dimensional barcode is up to kilobytes, so it can store information materials effectively; secondly, due to the selection of leading error correction algorithms, even in the case of some damage, the original information can still be restored intact. Therefore, the use of two-dimensional bar codes to transmit information has the characteristics of safety, reliability, speed and speed.

   2. Laser anti-counterfeiting label

  1, easy to identify. Laser anti-counterfeiting labels printed by using our leading anti-counterfeiting planning skills and printing skills are very simple to identify, so that consumers can understand the anti-counterfeiting skills and techniques used by the anti-counterfeiting label selection unit for the first time, which not only facilitates customer identification, but also allows counterfeiters Can be imitated.

  2, cheap and good quality. Since the laser anti-counterfeiting labels we print are our company’s unique anti-counterfeiting query system, and the printing is also made by our own printing plant, we can maximize the benefit to our customers and provide the most economical supply for our customers. Affordable laser security labels.

  3. Good anti-counterfeiting effect. Since the latest domestic anti-counterfeiting skills are used for planning and printing, the counterfeiters usually cannot imitate them because they do not understand the detailed skills and techniques used, and then set a high anti-counterfeiting threshold for the counterfeiters.

  4. The pictures are exquisitely made. The laser anti-counterfeiting labels we made use special anti-counterfeiting planning software, planned by professional planners, with exquisite pictures, and can plan personalized laser anti-counterfeiting labels that fit the characteristics of the product and show the customer's own advantages according to customer requests.

   3. Code anti-counterfeiting label

  1. Anti-counterfeiting reliability: The anti-counterfeiting label condenses the anti-counterfeiting mechanism of a number of high-tech techniques, even if the counterfeiter grasps the production method, it is impossible to counterfeit the anti-counterfeit label. This improves the transferability of skills and the non-fake of anti-counterfeiting.

  2. Easy identification: Consumers can input the number on the logo by phone or text message to check the authenticity anytime and anywhere. The number is automatically identified by the computer, and the manufacturer and company's products can be obtained at any time. The process of authenticity and other relevant information is simple and convenient.

  3. Label uniqueness: Any digital anti-counterfeiting label can only be used once during the whole process, and the impersonator cannot fake or reuse it.

  4. Functional malleability: In addition to product anti-counterfeiting and providing related services for networked companies, it can also impact smuggling, ticket processing and other aspects of its common and active effect, and can greatly reduce the manual anti-counterfeiting operations and costs. .

  5. Uniformity of handling: Code anti-counterfeiting labels are widely used on commodities in all walks of life. The nationwide telephone network is used to establish a nationwide anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting network, which can be monitored at any time to facilitate unified handling.

   These are just the most common anti-counterfeiting labels in our lives, and there are many anti-counterfeiting labels with different appearances, different systems and different functions. If you are interested, you can click on the hyperlink in our article, which will introduce you All kinds of anti-counterfeiting labels!
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