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Color box printing in the 'ghost' ghost

by:LG Printing     2021-01-30

in color box printing problem is often met would produce one or a few obvious shallow in fine line printing graphic, give a person a kind of uneven color visual effect, the fine line is called the 'ghost', general causes of ghost including the use of ink, the design of the product style and the typesetting and printing technology.

the vast majority of them are the 'ghost' lack of ink. Lack of ghost when using transparent ink printing ink may be more, using opaque ink and proofing, it rarely happen. In cooperation with printing process, we can adopt some measures, to reduce the lack of ink ghost. First of all, we should pay attention to avoid big frame, the field of printing design, so more prone to ink ghost. If the product need to use this design, we can through the following some of the ways to reduce the appearance of ghost

1, try adding some images in the design, for not involved in the field of screen printing, general rarely occur in ghost shadow phenomenon.

2, can change the design. Decrease as far as possible big border or density of the field, to balance the page tone image and field part of mesh density difference, make whole pages of ink balance, like if you put two pictures on the right side of the image, it may produce ghost when printing, but if separated the two pictures placed, placed around each one, so that you can balance sheet of the amount of ink, to reduce the occurrence of ghost.

3, can put some in graphic outside of the cutting part color bar, to the excess ink roller transfer ink.

4, adjust good printing presses, more lack of amount of ink ink ghost part of the ink fountain. Some cant distributing roller mounted on the printing machine, can effectively solve the lack of ink ghost.

5, the design layout rotate 90 °. In big bold letters printed on the field, for example, if the ink roller big bold ink, first to give ground on ink,

this is to avoid to produce ghost some tips oh, will you? To learn more printing skills, welcome to, is a manufacturer with more than 10 years printing experience!

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