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Collection of advantages of QR code anti-counterfeiting labels

by:LG Printing     2021-03-24
When I go out now, can I see the QR code in one step or three times? When I walk on the street to buy something, the clerk will say please show the QR code, or when ordering in a restaurant, does the waiter also say Scan the QR code to order food. At this time, are you thinking: I just want to take a menu to order food, why is it so difficult? Actually, this is an advancement in technology. The universal use of QR codes is also the progress of the times. From the elderly to the children, everyone knows that you must bring your mobile phone when you go out, otherwise you cannot scan the QR code. If you leave the QR code, life becomes very inconvenient. Since the QR code is so powerful, what will happen if it is combined with the anti-counterfeiting code; what about sparks? Let me talk about the advantages of adding a QR code to an anti-counterfeiting code.

   QR code anti-counterfeiting label has the following advantages:

  1. Convenient, fast and easy to use. Unlike before, you have to open the browser when you want to inquire, enter the URL one by one, or call the anti-counterfeiting query phone, 400, 800, etc., you have to call the long Entering a long string of numbers is very troublesome.

  2. Use the coating to cover a part of the QR code. When we need to scan the QR code to inquire, it is necessary to scratch the coating. The results of the QR code scan include the authenticity of the entire product. Then, you can know its authenticity and product information in a single scan.

  3. Multiple anti-counterfeiting technologies are mixed, and the query is convenient and fast. The two-dimensional code graphics can be imitated and the anti-counterfeiting coating can be processed twice, which greatly increases the anti-counterfeiting effect of the product.

  4. Useful communication: Customers can check product information and interact with the company in time to increase their trust in the brand.

   5. Accurate calculation: Accurately calculate the number and behavior of customers, and obtain information on customer responses in real time.

  6. The function of attracting fans: As the foreword for paper media and the Internet, QR code label manufacturing is more and more accepted by customers. Through various methods to promote the use of the masses’ curiosity and scan the code to add fans, then we are in The use of QR code labels in the products also retained customers to a certain extent and successfully attracted fans.

  7. Brand promotion: With the help of QR code tags, mobile terminal customer traffic can be directed to system channels, which can increase website click-through rates and conversion rates, absorb website traffic and convert it into broadening and transactional traffic. Once there is a strong flow, then drainage becomes very simple.

   The above is most of the data of the advantages of the QR code anti-counterfeiting label. In fact, the benefits of the QR code anti-counterfeiting label are really very many. In addition to facilitating customers to quickly and accurately distinguish the authenticity of the product, it can also complete intelligent Marketing, through creative marketing, can retain customers and promote secondary consumption. After all, marketing is very important no matter when the product is purchased. Only when a company buys its products, the company's benefits will be good, and the company's benefits will be good. , Employee benefits will be good, it can be said that the QR code is ours; Fuxing. Two-dimensional code tips, when you encounter the two-dimensional code on the product is ambiguous, remember not to scan stupidly at this time, this may be criminals using the two-dimensional code, once scanned in, Viruses will be implanted and your personal information will be stolen. Therefore, you must purchase products from official channels.

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