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Code anti-counterfeiting labels for commonly used labels

by:LG Printing     2021-04-13
With the rapid development of science and technology, people have begun to pay attention to the authenticity of their products. How can people distinguish the authenticity of their products in this market flooded with fake and inferior products? It would be more difficult to distinguish through product analysis. Therefore, the introduction of anti-counterfeit labels at this time has benefited our broad masses. All kinds of anti-counterfeiting labels have gradually appeared in our field of vision. For example, the anti-counterfeiting labels we often see are QR code anti-counterfeiting labels and laser anti-counterfeiting labels. So today I want to introduce the code anti-counterfeiting labels.

   The principle of the code anti-counterfeiting label is: the code anti-counterfeiting is the abbreviation of the phone code anti-counterfeiting, and its principle is: set a unique code for each piece of network identification, just like everyone has a unique ID card. , And store this password in the database, and at the same time establish a reliable telephone and query system from all over the country. When a customer purchases a product with a code anti-counterfeiting mark, he can know the authenticity of the product by dialing the phone and entering the password on the product, thus breaking through the limitations of traditional anti-counterfeiting products that are easy to be anti-counterfeit in batches and difficult to identify by customers. . With the development of information technology, the current methods for anti-counterfeiting inquiries of code are SMS, Internet and other methods, which can be called digital anti-counterfeiting.

The features of    electronic code anti-counterfeiting include the following:

  1. The uniqueness of the logo: any code anti-counterfeiting logo is unique; it can only be used throughout the entire process at one time, and counterfeiters cannot be copied and reused. The only logo is the same as that of an independent ID card.

  2. Reliability of anti-counterfeiting: It condenses the anti-counterfeiting concept of a number of high-tech methods. Even if the anti-counterfeiting person has mastered the manufacturing method of the anti-counterfeiting mark, he cannot effectively imitate the anti-counterfeiting mark of a certain product; The process is more complicated. The transferability of the completed skills and the non-counterfeiting of the anti-counterfeiting mark are consistent.

  3. The ease of identification: Customers can enter the code on the logo via the process control phone whenever and wherever, and the computer system can automatically identify the manufacturer, product authenticity and other related information. The whole process only It takes tens of seconds, less than a minute, convenient and convenient.

  4. Consistency of management: This anti-counterfeiting marker can be used on any variety of products, using telephone networks all over the country to establish a regional anti-counterfeiting network, monitoring and consistent management at any time. Once a false behavior is discovered, it can be immediately attacked.

  5. Extensibility of function: In addition to product anti-counterfeiting and providing related services for networked enterprises, code anti-counterfeiting can also play a common and active role in impacting smuggling, ticket management, and online marketing. Reduce the cost and efficiency of manual anti-counterfeiting. After all, efficiency is still very important in a society where the economy is developing rapidly.

   The application range of code anti-counterfeiting labels is also very wide, such as our common industries: food, cosmetics, daily necessities, digital goods, alcohol, clothing, auto parts, medicine, light industry, electrical appliances, audio-visual cultural products, etc. Seeing its footprint, the code anti-counterfeiting query method is also very simple, very in line with the concept of contemporary young people, fast and convenient lifestyle. At the same time, it can also be combined with the anti-counterfeiting system, which is simply a multi-purpose code. The above is the introduction of the code anti-counterfeiting label by the editor. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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